Hobby or Photographer

September 17, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

I was recently watching a hallmark movie- lol- shocker right?! If you have followed me at all you already know I am a hopeless romantic. This particular movie was about a girl who is an insurance agent and basically a professional maid of honor. She crosses paths with a videographer and filmmaker while planning her cousins wedding who, finds out she makes jewelry as a hobby. She ends up taking a leap of faith from being an insurance agent to jewelry maker/artist. At one point she is explaining to the filmmaker she is an insurance agent and her jewelry making is a hobby. As she is explaining why she makes the jewelry he states "maybe you are an artist and with a side job as an insurance agent. It is easy to see where your passion is".

I am looking to work some extra on the side. I used to think that is what my photography business was, a side hustle for a stay at home mom. However, slowly it has become more than that. It is a passion, it is exciting and challenging. It is creative and fulfilling and I love the connections it allows me to make. I love the trust mamas have in me to capture each stage of their sweet one’s life., the good, the bad and the crying! :) I love being in the room with the bride as she sees herself for the first time on her wedding day and as she reveals the dress to those special people in her life. The family that hasn’t had family photos taken in FOREVER and after seeing their family portraits, its like seeing your family in a whole new light. Tears well up and smiles are wide, mamas are speechless because there are no words that can fully describe the love you have for your own growing family. These moments are so special to me because they are special to you. Photography is personal. It is intimate and it is what I love. So as a new season begins for me and my family, I may wear different hats and titles, however I will always be a photographer with other hobbies, not the other way around. I will continue to grow as a person and photographer and I look forward to giving you all the best experience and portraits I can.  When you search for a photographer, do me a favor…. Look for someone you connect with, not that just takes pretty photos because at the end of the day life is about how you treat people and how you make them feel after having an encounter with them. This is an investment into your family, you are putting your family in my hands and I will always honor that gift! 




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