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January 22, 2020  •  1 Comment

Happy Wednesday Friends!!! Today I officially sent in my application to attend and serve the March 4th Nicaraguan mIssion trip as a photographer!! Ya’ll, my heart is completely overjoyed and ecstatic at the thought of all the good the Lord is going to do through our hands during this medical mission trip. Some might ask, why do they need a photographer to be along? How can you serve the people of Nicaragua with a camera? I myself thought about this, and here is my conclusion. Do you remember in Mathew 25:14-30 the Parable of the Talents where Jesus tells a story about a master and his servants? The Master is leaving and will be gone for a time, and to his servants he leaves Talents. Most theologians believe these “Talents” are likened to money or wealth. However, many evangelists love this translation because they can compare this story to actual “talents” or our God-given gifts, and this speaks to me on a personal and spiritual level as well. You see, I am convinced God wants us to use the gifts He gives us whether that be wealth or physical and/ or spiritual talents. He calls us to take risks for His kingdom, and in return, He will bless those efforts and give us more “gifts.”


Growing up I had no idea what my talents were… I struggled as a teen to figure out where God was calling me. Really it wasn’t until the last few years I began to embrace my true God-given talents. I know I may not be the most eloquent speaker or grammatically correct writer (I make my poor hubby work overtime editing these posts. Love you, Babe!), but time and again I am told my content (my heart) is so good. I have things to say and share - that is a gift in and of itself. 


Much in the same way, my photography is a gift. I use it to connect with people. I help people see how beautiful they are and how blessed they are… nothing like a photo of the ones you love to humble you to thankfulness to God.  With my photography, I get to share stories, visual stories, of people’s lives. Going on this mission trip to a remote island off the coast of Nicaragua is something I never thought I would do. I have lived in fear a long time. But recently God has been pushing and urging me to get out of my own way. He has presented me with opportunities I truly had never dreamed of, and I have decided to trust Him and take a risk - do something I haven’t done before. It is scary but so exciting at the same time. 


I am asking for your prayers - prayers for our team, the people we will serve and love on, for safety, and for His grace as we embark on this trip. I would like to share a little bit about who I will be traveling with. The Radiant Initiative is who is organizing this trip. They are connected to On Eagles Wings Ministry in Nicaragua. Our friend Brittney Hoyt has been leading mission trips via other organizations for the past several years and created The Radiant Initiative because she believes God has called her to use her talents in leading mission teams and people to Jesus. If you want to find out more about this incredible team of people and their mission to spread the name of Jesus, head to The Radiant Initiative and check them out!!! 


I can’t wait to share with you all the way God works as we love on and serve the people of Nicaragua and the Corn Islands. Please continue to keep the prayers and well-wishes coming, and be looking for more updates in the coming days and weeks. God Bless!!!



I pray that God keeps you in safety where ever you go. I hope that you are filled with his compassion and desire to do good in this world. Be blessed in all you set out to do.
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