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Hey Ya'll!! I hope you are having a wonderful day. I don't want to take up too much of your time here, but I wanted to make a last call for this years Christmas Minis!!!This cozy and charming scene is perfect for anyone who loves the holiday season and appreciates a touch of country-style decor. The rustic minis, with their warm and earthy tones, create a sense of coziness, while the vintage couch adds a touch of elegance. The horse trailer, with its rugged appearance, brings a sense of adventure and excitement to the scene, reminding us of the spirit of the Wild West. Even if you aren't truly living the western lifestyle I think you will adore this little set up. I have some lace and leather, soft velvet couch and cow hide rug. 

Important Info: 

When: This Saturday November 11,2023

Where: 2001 Leibengood Rd Goodletsville Tn

Investment: $175

15 min slots (3-4 Left) 

Receive 8 Digital Images 

To book either scan the QR code above or follow this link :) See yall soon!!! 

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It's Fall Yall!! I can't believe it's October!!! Where in the world did September go?! I don't know about you but we are in full throttle mode and things just keep gettin busy. So I wanted to share my fall calendar with yall. These are full one hour sessions, prime golden light times, truly the best of the best for fall family photos. You guys are some of my favorite people and been with me for so long, I wanted you to have first access to book your families sessions in the event you haven't yet. All spots are 1 hour long and you will receive 20 digital images and cost is $275. I am looking to shoot at Kilgore Park for these as it is truly gorgeous there this time of year. I hope to see your family in front of my lens soon and I pray you enjoy the cooler weather headed our way!! Its almost sweater weather!!! Wahoo!! 


To book just follow this link, select your date and time, then pay your balance and bam your spot is booked! Only takes a couple minutes!! :) 


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I'M Back!! Hey Y'all!!! 

 It has been a while since I sent out an email and blog post, but I figured it was time!! How have y'all been? These last few years have been a doozy, haven’t they with the pandemic and all that entailed? 


We had our own excitement here in the
Hodges’ household. Of course, the Covid shutdown really cramped our plans and put life on hold. It was a sad time in our world, but we were able to make some amazing memories together as a family; memories I will cherish forever. 


Halloween of 2020 we found out we were expecting again!! To remind you though, at the time we had a 6 and 8 turning 9 year old. We thought, “Why not?” Well, fast forward about 5 weeks and we had the shock of a lifetime… We found out we were having TWINS!!!!! What??!!! Y'all, I about died!!! We were so surprised but excited at the same time.


I had an OK pregnancy. It wasn’t easy, and we had a few moments that I thought “Lord, you are gonna have to get me through this! I don’t think I can handle this.” However, on June 4, 2021 we welcomed our son, Henry Eden Hodges and our daughter Elsie Grace Hodges to the clan. Life was immediately changed!! We fell instantly in love with both of them and feel so blessed! They both did some time in the NICU. Elsie was a champ and was out with in a week, and Henry followed two days later. 


If you follow me or my family on social media you might have also seen that we had one more little bit of excitement at the very same time. On June 12, 2021 after being at the NICU looking after baby Henry, I returned home to the rest of the family. I realized quickly that something was not right with my son, Patrick. To make a long story short, God was watching out for him, and we decided to rush him to Vanderbilt Children’s where we later found out our suspicions were correct. He was admitted and diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. To say we were heartbroken and scared would be an understatement. But GOD… God showed out and guided us at every turn. He placed the right people in our path and provided us with the most amazing support system. We are so thankful that all four of our children are here with us safe and sound. 

Hodges - A Newborn StoryHodges - A Newborn Story


So needless to say we have had quite the learning curve the last 19 months going from 2 to 4 kids and one being a type 1 diabetic as well as celiac. We have a whole new outlook on life and thank the Lord everyday for His provision. 


So here we are beginning 2023…. It feels as if it was just yesterday when last I made a post like this but really its been almost 3 years. I have missed you all so much. I have missed my friends and watching your families grow and change. I have missed the laughter, sweet baby smiles, and chasing little people all over (even though I do it all day now). I am ready to jump back in and start documenting lives again. I have my creative juices flowing, and I can’t wait to share them with you. The first idea will be coming up soon… Cuddle Minis!! Watch for more info on those coming soon! Mark your calendars for February 11 + 12th!!! And a few more of the sweet newborn twins and an updated family photo because I just can't help myself!! LOL 

Hodges - A Newborn StoryHodges - A Newborn Story Hodges - A Newborn StoryHodges - A Newborn Story



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Ho! Ho! Ho! Tis the Season.... Happy Tuesday All!!! 

This week is a huge milestone for the year 2020!! We have made it through Halloween and are that much closer to Christmas 2020!!!! Ok, so I have to be honest... I was not planning on hosting any Christmas Minis this year. However, y’all completely changed my mind with all the comments and messages after posting the vintage couch session this week. Y’all!!! You sure do know how to make a girl blush!! LOL The Vogle Family NAILED that session with their fancy outfits and gorgeousness. Not only are they beautiful people on the outside, but on the inside as well!! They are allowing me to rent out the couch and location for.... you guessed it.... this year’s Christmas Minis!!! The whole feel is that vintage, 1920's vibe, and I am loving it!! We will be using the property at Yates Cave as well as the vintage couch. Sessions will be 15 mins in length, include 5 Digital images (option to purchase more is also available after the gallery is delivered), and cost will be $125. Date is November 15, 2020. If you would like to book please email me at [email protected], Please place Christmas Minis 2020 in the subject box, OR you may book using this easy and seamless online booking link - Christmas Minis-Book Here !! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me. I can't wait to share this fun and unique Christmas session with you all!! There may or may not be some fun surprise props included to enhance your holiday spirit. WINK WINK!! Thank y’all for allowing me to truly feel the spirit of the season and bring it to you each and every year. 


* All CDC and Covid-19 guidelines will be followed. Please do not come if you or anyone in your family have been sick or exhibiting symptoms of Covid 19. We will adhere to all social distancing guidelines and masks will be worn when social distancing is not an option. Should something happen due to Covid 19, we will reschedule the session at the soonest possible time. Please refer to the contract sent with the invoice when booking your session for all rescheduling terms. 




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It's Sweater Weather!!!!! Who else is so excited about sweater weather?? Show of hands.... oh just me?? LOL No way it is just me!! I see all ya'll out there in your blue jeans and flannel shirts. I see you pulling out those over sized sweaters and cute booties and I am totally supportive! That is why I have decided to offer Fall Minis this year!!! Wahoo!! I don't know about you but I need all the joy and gorgeous fall weather I can get this year. Just as spring ushers in a new feeling after a long winter, fall comes in with that crisp air and that October Blue Sky. Have you ever noticed that the sky in October has its own shade of blue?? Take a gander and tell me I am wrong!! LOL 

So with out further delay here is my plans for Fall minis this year. We will be at Kilgore Park in Cross Plains, TN the weekend of Oct 10-11. I also have openings available for Monday and Tuesday of Fall Break that week. I know this is a busy season with fall sports and trips and things finally feeling more normal but this years fall foliage looks like it is going to be epic!! Cost is $175 for 2o mins and you will receive 8 digital images. It will be so easy, fun and simple. If you join me on Satuday you definilty need to plan a trip to our famous Thomas Drugs Old Fashion Soda Fountain. You will not regret it. To book just follow this link, choose your time slot and follow the prompts to pay your session fee. Boom, All Done!! Its that simple and quick. I will have all props such as a few pumpkins, quilts, and a wagon for the littles. You just have to sign up and show up. Easy right? I can't wait to see y'all there!! Happy Fall!!!

Book Your Fall Mini Session Here

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Seniors 2020 Cap & Gown Mini Sessions!!!!


Hey 2020 Seniors!! You asked and I listened!! Here is your chance to grab a Cap & Gown mini session with me!! I would love for us to get together for a quick photo op to document this incredible milestone for you!! I know your family and friends would love to see you all shiny and proud in your cap and gown! BOOK HERE to reserve your spot. Talk to y'all soon!!! 


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Now Booking-Lavender Field Minis It is lavender season in Tennessee! Well almost! LOL  But it is now time to book your lavender mini sessions!!! Wahoo!! These sessions are always so beautiful and fun. The scent is amazing and greets you as soon as you get on the farm. The sound of buzzing little bees (they will not harm you) and the chirping of birds brings a sense of calm as you walk about the lavender field. It is a private farm and it will be just us there during your 20 min session. Your drive to the farm is full of gorgeous scenery through the hills of Middle Tennessee. You do not want to miss out on these minis! 

Want to book your session now? Awesome!! I am so excited!! Just follow this ink, choose your time and follow the prompts. It only takes a few minutes to book and you will be set for your Lavender Mini Session. :) I am looking forward to seeing you all capturing some truly amazing portraits for you.  I have reserved one date for now: June 19th, 2020. I have time slots from 5-7pm and they are 20 mins long, includes 5 digital images for $150 +$25 Farm Fee. Your investment is  $175 and print release is included. I can't wait to see you all there! 

BOOK HERE- Lavender Mini Session



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Don't let the Corona virus ruin your wedding!

Timing is everything sometimes. The timing of this Coronavirus is terrible for the wedding community, but it is even worse for the brides and grooms who have put so much time, money and effort into planning their dream wedding. My heart breaks for them, their families and their friends. The thought of not being at my best friend’s wedding or my grandmother not being able to see me walk down the aisle, or the feeling of not having a father-daughter dance with my dad are all unfathomable. All those things bring such value and create treasured memories for all involved, yet here we are, two weeks into this full fledged pandemic and weddings are being canceled and postponed. Grandparents, family and friends are missing out on witnessing the joining of two lives - two lives that they love very deeply. It is a tragedy, but I want to say one thing… we are not the first generation to have to overcome such things. Imagine going through the WW2 era. Couples ran off to get married as the love of their life was drafted to go to war or during the Great Depression when there was no money for a grand wedding. Do you want to know what we have in common with those couples? LOVE!!! You are in love with your person and they you. You want to spend the rest of your life learning to love them, growing and changing with them. A wedding is wonderful, but the only thing you have to have for a wedding is a Bride and a Groom.


My grandparents didn’t have a big wedding, there were no photographers at their ceremony, but a day before they had a photograph taken, and the day after they said “I do,” my grandfather left to go to Pensacola Naval Base to begin his training. My grandmother was supposed to wait, work and save up money while he got them settled. I love that old photograph. It hangs on the wall of my parents’ living room, further proving it is not the wedding that makes the marriage but rather the dedication, respect and love between two people. 


So for all you Brides and Grooms out there who are trying frantically to figure out what to do and are heartbroken over your shattered plans, remember what your wedding is truly all about - the love between you and your soon-to-be spouse. Eloping or going to the justice of the peace might be the best option if you just can’t wait. 


If you choose to go ahead and tie the knot, please let your photographer know and see if you can arrange for them to be there. That is one moment in time you cannot recreate. But if that is not possible, you might choose to have a reception or even a full ceremony later, or simply have bridal shots in the fall (I have actually done post-wedding bridal portraits!). Do whatever you feel you need to do and make sure you are loving and living to the fullest extent you can. If you are a bride who has had to move your date and need to find a photographer… please let me know. I am happy to help, and I am happy to fill in if need be.


This will pass. Life will get back to some semblance of normal. Make today and this moment count though. My prayers are with all of you as you navigate these days and weeks ahead. My hope for each of you is that you will have a long and happy marriage full of love and blessings. 

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Six Sisters!!! Welcome to the world Malia! It was a joy and pleasure to get to welcome the newest member of the Hamsley Family, Sweet Little Malia!! 

She is loved and adored by 5 older sisters who are excellent helpers to their mama and daddy. :) This session was a dream!! As I entered the house, I see 5 little ladies lined up on the couch watching Mickey Mouse, and then I see they are all wearing matching white gown/dresses with white ribbons in their hair. My heart did a little jig! The whole time I was there, they were all perfect little angels and lent a helping whenever I or their parents asked. They were smitten with baby sister and what I had planned for her portraits. Typically, siblings can't wait to be done with their portion of the session, so I quickly get them done and send them on their way to more fun things. However, these sisters were different. They hung around and followed us wherever we went during the session. It was so precious. As far as baby girl newborn sessions go, this might very well be my most favorite. The challenge of having 8 humans (5 under the age of 12 and 1 newborn) was welcomed, and, honestly, they all did such a fabulous job it wasn't much of a challenge at all. 


I so love cuddling these sweet babies and sharing the joy they bring their families. I love giving parents and families priceless treasures of their newborns, it makes my heart so full of love and gratitude! It is truly an honor to be trusted with the job of handling a newborn baby and documenting such a pure gift from God. 


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More about the Mission

Happy Wednesday Friends!!! Today I officially sent in my application to attend and serve the March 4th Nicaraguan mIssion trip as a photographer!! Ya’ll, my heart is completely overjoyed and ecstatic at the thought of all the good the Lord is going to do through our hands during this medical mission trip. Some might ask, why do they need a photographer to be along? How can you serve the people of Nicaragua with a camera? I myself thought about this, and here is my conclusion. Do you remember in Mathew 25:14-30 the Parable of the Talents where Jesus tells a story about a master and his servants? The Master is leaving and will be gone for a time, and to his servants he leaves Talents. Most theologians believe these “Talents” are likened to money or wealth. However, many evangelists love this translation because they can compare this story to actual “talents” or our God-given gifts, and this speaks to me on a personal and spiritual level as well. You see, I am convinced God wants us to use the gifts He gives us whether that be wealth or physical and/ or spiritual talents. He calls us to take risks for His kingdom, and in return, He will bless those efforts and give us more “gifts.”


Growing up I had no idea what my talents were… I struggled as a teen to figure out where God was calling me. Really it wasn’t until the last few years I began to embrace my true God-given talents. I know I may not be the most eloquent speaker or grammatically correct writer (I make my poor hubby work overtime editing these posts. Love you, Babe!), but time and again I am told my content (my heart) is so good. I have things to say and share - that is a gift in and of itself. 


Much in the same way, my photography is a gift. I use it to connect with people. I help people see how beautiful they are and how blessed they are… nothing like a photo of the ones you love to humble you to thankfulness to God.  With my photography, I get to share stories, visual stories, of people’s lives. Going on this mission trip to a remote island off the coast of Nicaragua is something I never thought I would do. I have lived in fear a long time. But recently God has been pushing and urging me to get out of my own way. He has presented me with opportunities I truly had never dreamed of, and I have decided to trust Him and take a risk - do something I haven’t done before. It is scary but so exciting at the same time. 


I am asking for your prayers - prayers for our team, the people we will serve and love on, for safety, and for His grace as we embark on this trip. I would like to share a little bit about who I will be traveling with. The Radiant Initiative is who is organizing this trip. They are connected to On Eagles Wings Ministry in Nicaragua. Our friend Brittney Hoyt has been leading mission trips via other organizations for the past several years and created The Radiant Initiative because she believes God has called her to use her talents in leading mission teams and people to Jesus. If you want to find out more about this incredible team of people and their mission to spread the name of Jesus, head to The Radiant Initiative and check them out!!! 


I can’t wait to share with you all the way God works as we love on and serve the people of Nicaragua and the Corn Islands. Please continue to keep the prayers and well-wishes coming, and be looking for more updates in the coming days and weeks. God Bless!!!


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Valentine's Day Minis & Special Announcement

Can you feel the love in the air??? No?!! Well, wait a few weeks, and I am certain you will!! LOL 


So, I have to preface this message with a huge announcement: 

On March 4 I will be heading out of the country on a mission trip to Nicaragua!!!!!!! Y'all, I am so pumped!!!! This is a medical missions trip which is a first for me. I am not only going to be helping feed and love on these beautiful people, but I am also going to be photographing this trip to help shine a light on the work that is being done. I will be documenting and sharing their stories and the stories from this particular mission field, and I feel incredibly blessed to have this opportunity. If you have followed me this past year you might remember I went to Mexico in June on a mission trip with our youth group from church. I cooked for our team and for the orphanage where we were housed while we are there. This trip to Nicaragua is a bit different in that we will be sleeping in hammocks beacause we are staying on a remote island and will be pretty removed from our "normal" creature comforts. I asked the Lord to show me more ways I could serve His kingdom with my talent, and this was His answer. I will be traveling with a group from TN and KY. My brother-in-love, Caleb, will be there as well as a new group of friends I recently met while supporting our dear friend Jake Hoot!! Jake actually raised close to $4,500 for the Nicaragua mission organization, On Eagles Wings, to help purchase a bus for missionaries, and this group feeds close to 10,000 people a day throughout Nicaragua. 

So, what does this huge announcement have to do with these Valentines minis??? Well, 100% of the proceeds will help send me to Nicaragua and be donated to the mission field in Nicaragua. In other words, when you sign up for slot, you will be directly contributing to spreading the Good News to people who have likely never heard!


I want to say “Thank You” ahead of time because if it wasn't for all of you, I wouldn't be in a position to share the gospel or the stories of these people. Let’s all be honest, if you have ever been on a mission trip, you go with the intention of helping others; but when it is all said and done, you are the one who receives the biggest blessing. 


So, if you would like to help support this mission trip and/or just want some cute Valentine keepsakes of your kiddos... follow this link and book your spot today!!! :) It is easy to book and only takes a few minutes to select your date and time. If you don't find a time that fits your needs, message me! I am happy to work something out with you!! :) 


Love you guys!!!! Thanks Again!!! 


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The Past Decade Happy New Year!!!! Or I guess I could I say Happy New Decade!!! LOL


It is crazy to think how quickly the last 10 years have flown by. Time is something I don’t think we understand or appreciate till we are older and wiser. I am just now starting to realize how precious my time here on this Earth is. 


January starts most of us on a path of reflection over the past year. 2020 brings a whole new kind of reflection….the reflection over a decade now come and gone. A lot can happen over a decade, or a lot can not happen - it depends on where you are in your personal journey. 


I’d like to chat a little with you about the last 10 years of my life. I think it will give some perspective and a glimpse of who I am as a person today in the year 2020. It will help you get to know me as Lindsay the Photographer and Lindsay the mama. 


Ten years ago I was graduating college, I was married to my best friend, and I was going to change the world one ag student at a time. I was going to start a family and have a long happy career teaching leadership skills to students through FFA. That was it… that was my plan for my life. It was safe, and it was boring. Well, teaching teenagers is rarely boring especially as an Agricultural teacher and FFA advisor. So, that’s what I set out to accomplish. I landed my first teaching job in Crossville, TN, and I went in with some huge ideas and goals. However, it was a lot harder than I thought. I was not from the area, kids didn’t respond well to my expectations, and I was just so new and green. Kurt and I found out we were expecting our first baby the spring of 2011 - not what you really need in your first year of teaching. By October of my second year, I was miserable. I was sick from my pregnancy, and I wanted out. Our dear girl was born in November during Thanksgiving week, and my hubby received a great job opportunity the same day. We would decide to move within 4 short weeks, and by January 3, 2012 he was starting a new job in a new state, and we were living with my parents with a newborn. Man! Saying that all out loud is really mind boggling. I quit my teaching job and became a stay-at-home mama, something I NEVER intended to do, but I loved it. We moved to Hopkinsville in May of 2012 and made lifelong friends.


Fast foreword to 2013 where I began teaching myself photography. I used our baby and dog as my subjects, and soon people started asking if I would take their portraits. I was like, “Sure…” Thus, Lindsay Hodges Photography was born. I never in a million years dreamed I would own my own business and be working with some of the most talented photographers shooting weddings and meeting so many wonderful families and people along the way, but looking back, it has been one of the most pivotal yet rewarding choices I have ever made not only for myself and my clients, but also for my family. More on that in just a bit.


Also, in 2013 Kurt switched jobs, and we decided to sell our home in Hoptown and move back towards Middle Tennessee which turned out to be an ordeal as it took almost 10 months for us to get an offer on our first home. During this time, Kurt was commuting from Hopkinsville to Nashville (over 70 miles one way!) 5 days/ week. Crazy! Around Thanksgiving of that year, we also thought it would be a great time to start trying for our second little one. Little did we know God would bless us just one month later with a positive pregnancy test and a contract on our home shortly after. So, in April of 2014 we moved back to White House, TN to be close to Kurt’s work and our families. In September of 2014 we welcomed a bouncing baby boy in to the world. I went through postpartum depression and laid the camera down for a little bit. This was a trying time for Kurt and I, but, thankfully, I had a family who supported me and helped me get back to doing what I truly loved.


So, in 2015 I went all in and started really working towards making my business profitable and worth the time and effort I was putting in. I am so incredibly thankful to my friends and families who were there in the beginning and let me practice and learn on their kiddos and families. That is how we learn, by doing. I can say now that I am an experienced portrait and wedding photographer. Am I the best? NO WAY (despite what my adoring husband tries to say to pump me up)! Is there more to learn? Absolutely. But, am I good at what I do? YES I AM, and it is because I CARE about each and every person who steps in front of my camera.


There have been so many ups and downs throughout this journey not just professionally, but personally as well. In 2017 I began my journey to better health. I began working out and watching what I was eating. Despite all that, in 2018 my marriage almost fell apart. Even though I finally got on the fitness train the year before, my husband had started on his own weight loss path in 2014. He had started out running 5Ks, and then he decided to get into triathlons; so he was either biking or running in the early mornings and then swimming on his lunch breaks training up for an Olympic triathlon in August 2015. During this time, he had also been keeping a close eye on his nutrition, so he slimmed down from 260 lbs to 195 lbs!!! He confessed to me later that he had hoped that him losing weight would make him more attractive to me and also motivate me to get in better shape as well. While I was blown away by how great he looked, my insecurities about my appearance actually made his transformation have the opposite affect. He was now so lean and sexy that it made me even more self-conscious of myself. I couldn’t see how he could find me attractive, so I withdrew from him and gave a lot of pushback on making strides to better my health. This caused a tremendous amount of resentment, frustration and disconnection between the two of us. It is by the grace of God, counseling and self awareness we were able to  make it through, but we did! We are closer now and better than we have ever been. However, this story isn’t all sunshine and rainbows yet.


In May 2018, I fell while shooting a wedding and broke my leg and had to have emergency surgery. I was basically out of commission for 3 months. If it hadn’t been for Kurt, my family and friends, I don’t know how I would have made it through that. I was so angered that life had been going so well - my business was great, I was losing pounds and inches and gaining strength, and Kurt and I were rediscovering our love for one another. Now, it felt like I was having to start all over again. That really wasn’t the case, but I still set my mind to doing just that LOL! I got right back to work and began rebuilding momentum in my business. I went on to photograph 3 more weddings that year. But during this same season my sweet hubby was going through the hardest job he’d ever had. It was emotional and mentally draining for him. Now this brings us to 2019. 


The year started off seemingly great, but then at the end of January our world was turned upside down. Unexpectedly, my husband lost his job. We were so scared we were going to lose everything, but God had other plans. All the while, He had been grooming us and our marriage for something bigger. My father-in-law owns his own business, and for years it had been Kurt’s intention to get back there and help run it with his dad. However, life had taken us down a very different path, or so we thought. Looking back now, all those other jobs had taught him valuable skills that he could bring to the table to work for his dad. It was an adjustment for sure, and there are always fears and hesitations when going into business with family. But, I can honestly say I am so thankful for that opportunity, and it has been the biggest blessing for our family. We might not be richer, but we are so much happier doing what we are doing now. Life is funny that way - the lessons it teaches us when we least expect it. 


So I can say we are better people, healthier people and richer in the the things that truly matter now than we were in 2010. God has been good to us and has never left our side. Even when we were scared we might lose our little girl at birth, He was there. When my mama was sick with cancer, and we were scared, He was there. When there have been family hardships and difficult relationships, He was right there seeing us through it all. I can look back now and see all the ways God has helped us, taught us and led us through the good times and the hard times. 


It is so important to see those, because as Christians, God doesn’t say life will be easy, but He promises He will be there. He tells us the Holy Spirit will be there to intercede for us when we don’t have the words. Sometimes when we are in the pit of darkness, we have trouble seeing the light, but when we have a grateful and thankful heart, it is much easier to see all the good and glory in our lives. He lifts us up and carries us through the darkness into that light. I read recently 1 Peter 5:10, “After you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will Himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.” God is saying He has saved you and He will bring you through to the light. 


I hope that in this year of 2020, you see the light, you feel its warmth, and you can bask in the promises God has shared with us in His word. I pray not for the fantasy that life is easy, but that He will direct your path and make all things new. I am choosing to live in His word and light this new year and decade. I want to look back in 2030 and see all the ways He carried me through and was there for my friends and family. I want to see growth and strength not only in my physical body but in my spiritual life and relationships. 


I want to thank you all for supporting me in my business. Most of you are not just clients but you are friends who have been there for me in more ways than I can count. I pray for you, and I am thankful for you all!! 


Happy New Year!!! May it be a blessed one!!!!! 



PS I think it is time for a new photo! LOL 


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Thanksgiving Sentiments 2019 It’s the day before Thanksgiving, and I am finding myself very sentimental. This week always holds so much emotion and meaning for me. You see, my birthday is this week every year, and also 8 years ago we welcomed our 10 lb 14oz baby girl to the world 2 days before Thanksgiving. So, to say its a week full of celebration and gratefulness is an understatement. 


I grew up with lots of traditions surrounding Thanksgiving. We went to my dad's parents' every year, but the night before was always the big prep. My sister and I started staying the night with my grandparents to help set up and get ready for the festivities the next day. Little did I know how much that would affect me as I grew to be an adult and had my own little family. 


I especially remember when my birthday fell on Thanksgiving day. I would wake up to my Papa singing Happy Birthday in his off tune, country twang voice while my Nana was checking on all the meal prep and making us pancakes for breakfast. I would get a call from Mom and Dad, and then we would go to work or play until everyone else arrived for lunch. After lunch we had a job to do. Everyone would pitch in and help pull all my grandparents' Christmas lights and decorations down from the attic, and we would spend the afternoon setting up the big wooden sleigh and the reindeer and the nativity. We also would take the annual Family Christmas Photo in my grandparents' back yard. Some years it was in front of the pretty trees and foliage, and other years it was in front of the red barn out back. 

Circa 2008ish

Both my grandparents have gone on to be with Jesus now, and back in 2014 a few years before she passed, my Nana moved in with my aunt and sold her home after being diagnosed with dementia. So, it has been 5 years since being inside my grandparents' home - the home that held so many beautiful memories. I honestly never thought I would ever visit that house again, that is, until recently when my dear friend Kristine and her hubby Trae happened to buy the house not knowing the connection. Back in June we were all at a wedding chatting when she mentioned they had just put an offer on a house she just loves! I asked where it was located, and as soon as she said the street name my heart literally jumped. My sister and I both just looked at her, tears already welling up. I just could not believe it! We held our breath praying that they would be able to close, move in and have a smooth transition, and God faithfully answered those prayers. The yard is different now, the kitchen has been remodeled, but there are new memories being made in that old house, and I couldn’t be more happy for them. 

The biggest blessing has been getting to walk down memory lane with Kristine and Trae and seeing all the improvements they are making. A few weeks ago Kristine asked if I would be willing to come out and do a photo session in their new home. I was so honored and leapt at the opportunity. She had one request, to take there new family photo in front of the old barn. I had a lump in my throat. That's where some of our last photos as kids and cousins were taken. We worked our way around the yard looking at where some other locations would be good. Trae said there was a spot he wanted to use. It had a bird house on this big ole tree. As we walked up, I realized that was a bird house my Papa had made; there was no doubt. Including these sweet little nuggets of memories was such a gift for me. It made me think about how blessed I was to grow up surrounded by love and encouragement. These people weren’t perfect, but they taught me what it means to be loyal to my family, how to love and forgive, and how to make stuffing for the Thanksgiving Turkey. Thank you, Kristine and Trae, for giving me such a beautiful gift and sharing your home with me. The fact that you appreciate the sentimental attachment is so sweet and thoughtful! Love you both so much!! I can’t wait to watch you guys make new memories in your home. Congrats to you both! 


Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!! 


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Christmas at Hope Tree Farm I love and adore tradition. Call me a romantic or someone stuck in the past, but cutting down your Christmas tree is just about the best family tradition that truly rings in the holidays for me. I marked the date on my calendar months ago for us to go pick out our tree!! The sent of the pines and cedars or my personal favorite, Douglas fir, is so magical for me. As you all know I am partnering with 672 Brew for Santa minis this coming Saturday. I had planned to NOT host any tree farm minis this year. I was going to give that a break and just stick to Santa Claus. Then I had a sweet family message me. She had always dreamed of having their Christmas photos made at a Christmas tree farm. She reminded me why I love this tradition so much!! The sights of the tall trees, the brisk air and that oh so sweet and refreshing scent of a conifer tree. So to keep with Tradition I am opening up VERY limited spots for Christmas Tree Minis at Hope Christmas Tree Farm on Nov. 24,2019!!! Please use the following link to book.

 Hope Tree Farm-Book Now

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Happy Halloween Give Away Happy Halloween!!!

I hope you are all ready for All Hallow's Eve tonight!! It looks like it is going to be a spooky and cold evening here in Middle Tennessee. We will be bundling up all our ghosts and goblins for trick or treating. Please, remember to take that epic photo of your sweet babies tonight. Save it to the cloud, print it out or something because one day you will want to have that to show their future someone how adorable they were. There is nothing like a classic halloween photo from years past. Remember that these little snap shots are just as important as the the professional photos you have taken each year. These little moments of time that are frozen forever tell a story; a very unique story that only your family can tell and share. This is a season of storytelling, remember to be fully present with those kiddos tonight and snap a few photos on your phone to share and reminisce about later. I promise you won't regret it!!


Share your spooky littles with me tonight! I want to see all those amazing kiddos and their costumes!!! Head over to my Facebook and Instagram for a fun little contest to win a $25 gift card to White House Pizza & Pub for you and your family!!!!! 

I love give aways and I love seeing all your kiddos dressed up! Be sure to follow me on Instragram: @lindsayhodgedphoto

 and Facebook : @LH Photography, tag and share the post with all your friends so they can enter to win too!! The photo with the most likes WINS!!! 

Clink here to head straight to the Instagram post!!! 

Winner will be announced Friday night Nov. 1st!! 


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Book your Santa Mini Now!!!


Hey friends! I have been hard at work learning new ways to help make booking your sessions quicker and hassle free!!! I am sharing this new online booking here, on the blog, first for ya'll to have first chance to book your time slots for the Santa Minis at 672 Brew!!! If you missed the last email about this years Santa Minis check out last weeks blog here for all the info. 

Now to book your slot click - Book Here- and follow the prompts. It should only take a few minutes to complete!! 


Thanks yall!! I am getting excited!! 


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Santa Claus Is Coming To Town


I look forward to Santa minis every year!!!! The magic, the smiles, the tears... its all so fun and memorable. I especially love hearing what these sweet babies want for Christmas. Sometimes it is a cool action figure, or a new baby doll, but sometimes it is a cure for diabetes or for daddy to make it home for Christmas. When these kiddos talk to Santa the share their deepest desires and sometimes it breaks your heart and sometimes it makes you laugh. Santa and I have shared a few tears from time to time over what these precious souls share. This is what I love most about offering these sessions. You get time for your kiddos to warm up and chat with the big man, instead of being herded through a line at the mall with hundreds or people watching and waiting on you. 

So I am so excited to share that I am partnering up with our fabulous new coffee shop here in White House for an afternoon of Santa Minis!!! 672Brew has been gracious enough to rent out a space, for us to set up and visit with good ole Saint Nick himself! We will be setting up from 1-4 and scheduling  20 min visits with Santa this way each child has a turn and can warm up to him. Cost is $99 you will receive  5 complimentary digital images. Options to purchase more later. These images will be magical keepsakes for years to come. More about the set up will come later!! So come out and grab a cup of Joe at 672 and  bring those sweet ones to have a good ole visit with Saint Nick. Can't wait to see you November 16, 2019!!!! 

"He's making a list and checking it twice!!"


PS: To book you can leave a comment, email, or message me via facebook to reserve your spot. Spots are limited so book now. Payment due in full at time of booking. 


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Cookeville Peeps! Last minute Openings!

Hey Cookeville Peeps!! Hope yall caught the voice last night and got to see your very own Jake Hoot on the Voice!! We love our buddy and hope you all will tune in and support him as he competes for Team Kelly!!! 

On to what I really came here to share!! I will be in Cookeville this Saturday, October 5, 2019 at Cane Creek Park for Family minis from 3:30-5!! I have not had the opportunity to do this and I am so excited to share this with you all!! I would love to catch up with you all or meet new friends!! 

Sessions are 30 mins, $175, You will receive 6 Digital Images with Print release. :) Email me if you are interested and want to book a spot!!! See yall soon!! 

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What to wear Recently I asked you guys what were some topics you would like to see discussed on the blog, well you answered with a few ideas but one was very popular: What to Wear for Family Photos. 

I love how each of these families went with a different colors and patterns. The accesories also really help give the portraits a comepete look by adding a different texture and 'highlight' if you will. 


I never saw my self as a fashionista, honestly until recently I couldn’t have told you what my style was… however, now I can confidently say I am first for comfort and then more of a southwestern/minimalist/simple  style. LOL If that makes any sense at all. I love neutrals, especially black. I love contrasting colors ( black and white, light and dark). So as I plan out what my family is going to wear I want us to coordinate, not match, and I want us to have highlights ( pops of color or whites) and different textures. I am not huge on patterns. Meaning I really don’t care if there are patterns but I don’t want a lot of loud patterns distracting us from the faces with in the portrait. It is ok to mix and match patterns as long as you have several solids to break it up. Here are some tried and true rules I found online to help you. 


Also, pinterest is a fantastic place to gain ideas and see things put together. Look for “What to wear for family pictures” it is a board I myself follow. I am a visual person and it helps to get some creative inspiration to see how items will look put together. Good Luck and Happy Planning!!



Below is a link of my Family Portrait Welcome Guide that I will be sending out to all my peeps once you are booked for a session. I am so excited to help you create these timeless treasures. I think about all the memories that will be made and I know for us mamas it can be stressful, however, I hope that this will help you and easy some of the anxiety and stress you feel as you try to put your families outfits together!

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Hobby or Photographer I was recently watching a hallmark movie- lol- shocker right?! If you have followed me at all you already know I am a hopeless romantic. This particular movie was about a girl who is an insurance agent and basically a professional maid of honor. She crosses paths with a videographer and filmmaker while planning her cousins wedding who, finds out she makes jewelry as a hobby. She ends up taking a leap of faith from being an insurance agent to jewelry maker/artist. At one point she is explaining to the filmmaker she is an insurance agent and her jewelry making is a hobby. As she is explaining why she makes the jewelry he states "maybe you are an artist and with a side job as an insurance agent. It is easy to see where your passion is".

I am looking to work some extra on the side. I used to think that is what my photography business was, a side hustle for a stay at home mom. However, slowly it has become more than that. It is a passion, it is exciting and challenging. It is creative and fulfilling and I love the connections it allows me to make. I love the trust mamas have in me to capture each stage of their sweet one’s life., the good, the bad and the crying! :) I love being in the room with the bride as she sees herself for the first time on her wedding day and as she reveals the dress to those special people in her life. The family that hasn’t had family photos taken in FOREVER and after seeing their family portraits, its like seeing your family in a whole new light. Tears well up and smiles are wide, mamas are speechless because there are no words that can fully describe the love you have for your own growing family. These moments are so special to me because they are special to you. Photography is personal. It is intimate and it is what I love. So as a new season begins for me and my family, I may wear different hats and titles, however I will always be a photographer with other hobbies, not the other way around. I will continue to grow as a person and photographer and I look forward to giving you all the best experience and portraits I can.  When you search for a photographer, do me a favor…. Look for someone you connect with, not that just takes pretty photos because at the end of the day life is about how you treat people and how you make them feel after having an encounter with them. This is an investment into your family, you are putting your family in my hands and I will always honor that gift! 



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Proposal at Love Circle Proposal at Love Circle


Have you ever thought about witnessing that one single moment in time that changes everything in a couples life? The moment that the woman becomes the bride to be or the groom an official groom?? 


Well few weeks ago I was in the right place at the right time. I was meeting a client ( a cool drummer from Canada! More on that later!) and I arrived early. I had my family with me as it was a gorgeous evening and I thought we would all go out after my session downtown. The kids were running around and playing tag while Kurt and I were admiring the Nashville skyline from atop the most interesting hilltop in Nashville, Love Circle. We had watched a young couple walk up the steps and find the perfect spot to snuggle up and admire the skyline. It hit me then why this place was called ‘Love’ park. All the love birds come and hangout and enjoy the romantic views of the city. 


My client was running a little late and so we were all just hanging out, I saw a car pull up and I though ‘oh there he is’, but I quickly realized it was just another couple coming for a romantic date night atop Love Circle. 


I watched as they were selecting there spot and the young man kept looking at me, I realized I must have been starring, oops. Oh to be young and in love… Have I mentioned what a hopeless romantic I am?? Little did I know at the time he was very confused… as if I knew what was about to happen…


Anyways, as I stand there I see him digging in his pocket and I hear the woman say “ oh my gosh! No way!!!” And all of the sudden it hit me HE IS PROPOSING!!! So I immediately start snapping photos! I walk around to get a better angle, the woman says “ Oh my gosh!! You even hired a photographer!!!!” All the while she is wiping tears and he is trying so hard to contain his thrill! He says to her, “Um, I don’t know her..” LOL The look of disbelief and confusion was evident on her face. I stopped snapping photos long enough to say , “Hey don’t worry I will get your info and get these to you! Y’all enjoy this moment and don’t mind me!!” 


This one moment made my little romantic photographer heart sooo happy!! The surprise and emotion was so raw and real!! We snapped a few photos and then I gave them some space. They sat down and celebrated with some wine and phone calls to their people sharing the wonderful news. This was the most precious couple and I just can’t express how blessed I felt to be there, to witness that moment. The moment he asked and she said yes, the moment they truly began linking their lives together, promising forever and committing to each other. 


There was talk they would need a photographer later on and we have been in contact and while I would be absolutely thrilled and delighted to be their wedding photographer, they have made my year by sharing their moment with me. I look forward to all the future love stories and will be praying for this couple, as I do with ALL my couples as they begin this their journey together. 


Here’s a sneak peek at this sweet moment, for a sweet couple! 

Proposal at Love Circle Proposal at Love Circle Proposal at Love Circle Proposal at Love Circle Proposal at Love Circle Proposal at Love Circle Proposal at Love Circle Proposal at Love Circle Proposal at Love Circle Proposal at Love Circle Proposal at Love Circle Proposal at Love Circle Proposal at Love Circle Proposal at Love Circle Proposal at Love Circle Proposal at Love Circle Proposal at Love Circle Proposal at Love Circle Proposal at Love Circle Proposal at Love Circle Proposal at Love Circle

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Miss Potter Miss Potter 


Today while the daughter was home we were browsing the onDemand free movies when I found “Miss Potter”. It is about Beatrix Potter the author/artist. Beatrix Potter holds a dear place in my heart. Growing up my granny Lill would read to me. One of her favorites was Peter Rabbit. When I was little my favorite part was when the farmer was chasing Peter thought the garden hollering, “Stop Thief !!!” However I couldn’t say ‘th’ so if came out “ Fief”. She told that story until her dementia stole that memory from her. One year when my sister and I were a little older Lill gave us each a large book Beatrix Potter containing all of her classics. Now my sweet kiddos get to experience the magical of Beatrix Potter. We read her stories still and I use all the great voices and still will yell “ Stop Thief”!! LOL Some things never change. 


 Today as I watched this movie that told about her real life and the sadness she endured and the legacy she left behind , I was so inspired. I always appreciated her talent and imagination, but I never felt this kind of connection before to her as an artist. I look back to society of her time, she was an unmarried woman blazing her own trail. Her parents disapproved of her love interest and men in business didn’t respect her. She had no idea the living she had made for herself, until she decided she wanted to forge her own life. She wanted to be her own person. Can you imagine the courage it took to live her life on her own in that day? 


Her inspiration came from the Lake District which was made up of small farms and beautiful scenery. Developers were swooping in to take advantage of those families and trying to develop it. Beatrix decided someone needed to protect this land and so she began buying up the farms. She would keep on the farmers and they would in turn work the land as they had been doing for years. 


When she passed away in 1943 at the age of 77 she left most of her land holdings to the National Trust which would protect the land from development and preserve it for generations to come. 


I feel as if I can relate on some level to Beatrix Potter. Her imagination, independence and creativity drove her toward a passion and mission. She refused to take no for an answer and she gave back in a huge way. Today we are fighting developers here in our hometown. I don’t have the money to purchase the land and create a trust but I can take her legacy and allow it to inspire me and drive me to step out in courage and faith. To create something my children and grandchildren can be proud of for generations to come. 


Have dreams and goals that have been tucked away too long for fear of failure and rejections?  It is time to stand up and face those fears and take back control of my destiny. Maybe one day my legacy will be one that will inspire future creatives to brave their fears and pursue their God given talents. Or maybe facing these fears of failure will just help me in my journey of this life, either way, it’s time to move foreword!!!! 


So I write this little blog post not as a great scholar who writes perfect English, but as a woman who has thoughts to share and a creative mind to sharpen. So, I ask for grace as I know there will be bad grammar and misspelled words, but remember, I wrote this as a challenge to grow and try, and I have now succeeded. 


**P.S. I wrote this 2 months ago and just now had the courage to share. It seems fitting right now as Spring is here and it always reminds me of Beatrix Potter’s stories!! Especially Peter Rabbit!

Happy Spring and Motivational Monday!! 

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Baby Kizer I just love getting feed back when clients get their galleries. It is literally my most favorite part of what I do. The reactions are so worth it. I wanted to share a little email I received from a sweet client. This is our 3rd time working together and it was an honor to come to the hospital to me Baby Greyson! 

Stephanie had no idea the impact her message would have on me. Every time I start to feel low or like I am not meeting my purpose, I search back for this message. Why? Because it helps me remember that, what I do matters to someone. I helped her feel like a million bucks after giving birth to her little boy. Mamas are super heroes but too often we are the ones feeling self conscious and insecure. I want to lift women and mamas, sisters and friends ALL up. I want YOU to see yourself through the eyes of YOUR biggest fan. Your biggest fan thinks you are amazing and perfectly made. Lets start allowing ourselves the ability to view ourselves through KIND eyes not critical ones. This message just made my heart rejoice because I know I am fulfilling my purpose one session and click at a time. 

"Hey! Just letting you know I got the pictures. Thank you soooooo much! I love them all ❤️ I can’t wait to see you again for his 6 month pictures! I’ve always put off professional pictures because I’ve always been so uncomfortable with 1) my body image and I’m slowly learning to accept it lol and 2) I’ve always been so shy and tend to stick to myself and family but working with you is an absolute pleasure. I am so comfortable with you and look forward to working with for all our family pictures in the coming years!.."- Stephanie Kizer

Yall this one email made my day and I am so grateful for her little family! I can't wait to watch them grow and change!! Please do not let self image make you put off those family portraits. I promise, you will not regret it!!!

Welcome Baby Grayson!! 


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YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH Happy Friday, Y'all!! I have seen a lot of new faces the last few days, and I love it! Welcome to Lindsay Hodges Photography! I figured it might be time to introduce myself so we can get to know one another. 


First off, I am a southern raised, Tennessee country girl. I love to laugh, love coffee, love people, and am really just loving life right now (minus this nasty cold virus that has invaded my home and babies this week). I am a recovering people pleaser and am walking a personal growth path right now that has been so enlightening. Honestly, it is why I am telling you about myself because, believe it or not, I have fears just like you. I have lived with anxiety and the fear of rejection for far too long, and I am guessing you might be struggling with the same issues in your life too. Well, friend, you are not alone, and I want to share my journey with you. As a dear friend told me, "Our story is not our own - it is meant to be shared." I started this photography business as really a sort of hobby. Then it grew, and then it grew some more… and then even more. So much so, it has far exceeded what I could have imagined. So, the question is, “where to now?” Truthfully, I cannot tell you my exact goal and dream because I am still working on figuring that out, but what I can tell you is that I am moving forward. I am continuing to learn and master my craft. I am broadening my horizons, if you will. As my husband has said, “Lindsay, you have a lot to say and a great way of saying it. Share that with the world. You never know who you will help along the way."


So here I am, I am doing just that. I am an AG Ed teacher-turned-photographer who loves creating memories and empowering others to chase their dreams and to see themselves for the beautiful creation they are. Did I mention I also love coffee??? 📷Twig & Olive Photography

What if we all saw ourselves through the eyes of our biggest fans - the people who think we are rockstars and are inspired by our lives? (Believe me, they are out there whether you know it or not). What could we then accomplish if we held that confidence and admiration in our own hearts?? 


So, to all of you who feel like you aren’t good enough, listen to me now. YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE THAN ENOUGH!!! You have a gift to share with the world; just have the faith and courage to share it, my friend! God will see you through!


So, what are my goals this year? I’m glad you asked.


*My Personal Goal: To be better today than I was yesterday. 

*My Business Goal: For every person who steps in front of my camera to see and feel their true self and worth - to see themselves the way their biggest fan does.


I want to challenge you to think and pray about what you want for yourself this year. Write it down, stick it to your bathroom mirror, and read it aloud to yourself every morning and night. Believe that you will make it happen, and allow your beautiful mind to look for ideas and opportunities to accomplish this goal.


I want to know what your goals are for this year. Let me know so I can tell you the following:


You can do this! You WILL do this! I believe in you! You ARE a rockstar!


Love Y’all,




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Monica's Bridal Session and Unexpected Gift Its been a busy season. Fall has flashed by me and my head has just been spinning. LOL Life is good and I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful and supportive family as well as clients. 

I want to introduce you to my sweet bride, Monica. She has the biggest heart and is sooooo kind!! She was so laid back and go with the flow! We had scheduled her bridal session for the end of October. It appeared to be a beautiful day and then just as I was to arrive at our locations it began raining.I was so sad!! I offered to reschedule but Monica was dressed and was ready to go through with our session. She was a trooper!! We made the best of the situation and I believe we were rewarded for it. Ridge Top Park had gorgeous colors and lots of shelter from the rain.:) 

I believe angels are everywhere and that God is always showing himself in unexcited ways and places. 

As we walked through the park taking her bridal portraits a gentleman approached and complimented Monica and said “ If I had known you would be here I would have brought you a gift! Congratulations!!” We laughed and thanked him. He went on walking his dog and we were so moved at how sweet he was. 


We were about to finish up our session as it was getting cold and wet, we couldn’t have our bride gettin wet or sick before her big day! We looked up and here comes the same gentleman with his sweet pup. He walked up and handed Monica something and said he knows weddings are expensive and he wishes her and her groom the best!! He had  walked back to us after going to his car and gave Monica a gift after all. It was the sweetest most generous thing I have ever witnessed. We were in tears as he walked away. It goes to show you that being kind can be the best investment you can make. What was even sweeter was he reminded her of her late grandfather and said that just made him feel so close. You never know how you can change someone else’s day or life. I know I will not forget that moment for a long time!! 


Monica you were a beautiful bride and I feel so honored to have been apart fo your wedding day and this new chapter for you! 

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Black Friday & Holiday Specials Mr. & Mrs. Claus

Happy Holidays from all of us at Lindsay Hodges Photography!! 

Are you on Santas Naughty or Nice list this year?? 

Well, as far as we are concerned you are on our NICE list and and as a way to say thank you for such an amazing year we are releasing all expired galleries site wide and offering a site wide 10% off discount- use code HAPPYHOLIDAY during check out. 


All orders must be placed before Dec 4th in order to be delivered by Dec 25th via standard shipping. 

If you place your order after Dec 4th you must choose Priority Shipping. 

Orders placed after Dec 17th must choose Overnight Shipping

Orders placed after Dec 17th will most likely not arrive until after Christmas. 


If you are looking for a last minute gift, be sure to check out our session gift certificates, which are discounted for a limited time. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

These will go live on November 22 and Expire on December 4th. We will send out a reminder email the week of Dec 4th! Happy Shopping!! 



How do I find my expired gallery link? 

  • You should get an email with your link and password information in the next few days, if you do not receive an email please let us know. :) 
  • If you have received a gallery recently, you are good to go!! :) 


How long is the 10% discount going to last? 

-The promotion starts on Nov 22, 2018 and ends at 11:56pm CST Dec 4th


Again thank you for allowing us to be apart of your lives and special moments. You really have no idea what an impact you all make on us. This year was difficult health wise when I broke my leg and had to be off for 2 1/2 months. I thought for sure the business would suffer, but you all showed me so much love , grace and understanding . 

From my family to yours, Happy Holidays!!!! 


If you have further needs or questions please email 

[email protected] 



Happy Holidays,


Lindsay Hodges 


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Happy Turkey Month Happy Turkey Month!!! 

Do you know what this means??? 

It means it is time to start planning for SANTA!!!!!!!!! 

I don’t mean to scare you, but did you know there is only like 7 WEEKS till Christmas ??? 

Holy cow where did the time go?!?!?!?! 

If you are anything like me its all fun and games till Halloween hits and you realize how busy life is at the holidays. Every year I aim to get everything ready right after Thanksgiving so that I can sit back and relax during the Christmas season. In my mind I think I will have all the presents wrapped and under the tree the first week of December. Then we will just watch Hallmark Christmas movies, drink hot cocoa and make sugar cookies till Dec 24th! 


What actually happens is I run around like a mad woman trying to do { All The Things }, while feeling so guilty about not really soaking in the magic with my babies. I mean I have a 6 and 4 year old. Magic is sooo real to them. Christmas magic is especially real. I am my own worse enemy when it comes to magical expectations and reality. Also , “magical/magic” is the word of the day!! LOL Lets see how many times I can “say” it. Bahahaha

{I couldn't help throwing this gem in here! They really do love each other!! LOL}

Well now you know one of my holiday secrets…. I never have it all together. To be honest I am usually wrapping presents minutes before heading out the door for one of our 4 or 5 Christmas stops! LOL 


Oh and lets not even mention the famed “perfect” Christmas Card photo. I mean the pressure is real!! And how expensive is it to send a dang Christmas card not to mention the time and effort to try and get a good photo of your family or even just the kiddos. 


So, I can’t come decorate your home or wrap your presents for you but I can help you in two areas of your Christmas plans. 


#1- I can help you create the most memorable Christmas card for your friends and family. I can help you plan your wardrobe and take the best photo of the real “YOU”! The happy mama with her kids enjoying the magic of the season. Book your spot for our Christmas Minis and included you will also get to meet Santa himself and have the most epic Christmas card photos. 



#2- I can help you with that gift list!! Use the above Christmas minis to take your annual family photos to give to all the grandparents and family members. We offer gift cards, all sorts of home decor and so many other great gift options. I am here as a special elf to help make your Christmas more magical and less stressful! 


Here is all the Christmas Mini Info: 

Cost: $150, 3 Themed Set ups :) 

including Santa himself!! 

Date: November 10, 2018

Location:  HOPE Christmas Tree Farm

3900 Dortch Rd, Adams, TN 37010


Times Available: 

1:00pm, 2:00PM, 2:30PM

It appears the weather is going to cooperate and really make it feel like Christmas!!! I hope you see you on Saturday!!! 


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Fall is HERE!!


Well at least its here for the day!! LOL I am enjoying this nice fall like day today!! I hope you are taking sometime today to slow down and smell the barns firing and feel the slight crispness in the air. It's our first taste of fall weather and is sure gets me excited!! 


Fall is pretty much my busiest season , as it is for so many! Please contact me here to book your families fall portrait session. 


I will also be posting soon about chirstmas minis. They will only be available 1 day this year so when I announce them, please book! They will not be available again. Most likely it will only be 15 min sessions as well. I have a few ideas brewing so stay tuned for sneak peeks!! 


As for September & October.... I only have two weekend dates left available!! Comment below to grab one of them!!!


(Lindsay Hodges Photography) fall fall photos family farm pumpkins Mon, 10 Sep 2018 18:29:38 GMT
Zane + Britany Zane + Brittany

I met Zane and Brittany last October for a fall portrait session. It was easy to see Zane and Brittany were in love. I awaited the day I heard they were engaged and secretly hoped Brittany would contact me. I sent her a congratulations message and it wasn't long before we were discussing wedding plans and meeting up to talk details. I asked her to right a little bit about their love story and share how they met. This is the sweetest testament to Gods plan for us. Sometimes it just takes some time... I fee incredibly honored they trusted me to capture their big day , broken leg and all! They were the most understanding and trusting couple! Thank you guys for a wonderful day on the farm!! 

Food: The Bakery Box- White House , TN

Cake: Sweet J's Bakery- Springfield, TN

Dress: Glitz

Tux: Men's Warehouse

Rings: Hers- Grandmothers ring; His- Gossage

Flowers: White House Florist

Hair : Brittany Spain

Makeup: Ashley Rauch

From Brittany + Zane: 

We met 10 years ago while we both worked at Kroger. I had just started and was bent down stocking shelves when Zane walked by with a co-worker. When he saw me, he asked the coworker who I was and stated his interest in me. I was a single mom of a one-year-old, not looking for a relationship. Instead, we became best friends. He had a key to my apartment and would come visit me daily to share about his day and support me in mine. Then one day, he showed up to my apartment and said he was moving back to Las Vegas that day. We lost contact and life happened. I married and had another son. Zane missed Springfield and moved back. Then 9 years later on one fateful day in October, my house was struck by lightning, and I needed Comcast to come install their services. I was going through a divorce and raising two boys on my own. A rude technician showed up and when I heard someone else pull up in the driveway, I ran outside hoping for someone who was more helpful. It was Zane. 

See Zane knew where my house was located, and when he heard the rude technician was on my road, he came to the rescue hoping it was me. We reminisced and shared laughs while he worked. On his way out the door, he said he would call me later. I laughed and reminded him he didn’t have my phone number. He put it in his phone and texted me before making it to the stop sign. We made plans to go to a haunted house that weekend, each of us not knowing if it was a “date”. When I climbed into his lifted truck, it didn’t take long for us to both realize this would be forever. It was a God thing.

I can't very well write a blog about this wedding with out mentioning three very important people who helped me capture this coupled beautiful day. Jamie Marie Photography was a gem! Not only did she spend the whole day being my hands and feet , she spent another afternoon with this gorgeous bride filling in foe me and shooting her bridals when I broke my leg and was laid up. Hope Welch , my mom, is an outstanding lady and never batted an eye when I needed extra hands and she did an amazing job getting all those great detail shots. Lastly , my husband who was so patient and encouraging getting me to and from all the photo spots. He helped me do what I love! Instead of telling me I couldn't do it , he helped make it happen. I feel like this is a true testament to love and marriage. For better or worse. Sickness and Health. Thanks for allowing that to shine through on your wedding day , Brittany + Zane!! 

Congratulations to The Wintson's!! 

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The Davis Family The Davis Family 


Hey yall!! Please meet The Davis Family!!!! 


A few of you who follow me on Facebook may remember a contest I held a few months ago.  I asked all the followers to post a photo of their littles ones in the comments and the photo with the most likes after a few days won. Well Miss. Lilly won be leaps and bounds!!! It was a fun contest seeing mama and grandmas share their most treasured images of their little ones. 


It was fun rewarding Lily’s mama, Hannah, with a free spring mini session valued at $150. After talking with Hannah she decided to upgrade to a full family session for her family of 3. We discussed various location options but finally decided on a local farm owned by a family friend. 


I absolutely loved this farm. Everything about it is so gorgeous. The windmill, cabin, and victorian home that sits snuggled in between barns and trees create the most beautiful backdrop all bordered by a trickling creek. Everywhere I turned I wanted to snap a photo! 


We set off first to the field with the windmill , because everyone loves a tall windmill as a big beautiful backdrop. And what about this gorgeous tree!!! 


Next we headed back toward the creek however there was not a easy place to get down to it so we opted for the bridge instead and I am so thankful we did! I love these!! 

Finally we investigated the barn down in the field that had wild flowers blooming all around! How gorgeous are these?? 



I am so grateful I had the opportunity to work with the Davis family. They are so kind and accommodating !! Special thanks to the Green family for the use of their beautiful property. 


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Did you really lay the baby in the snow???? Before and After Before & After : Baby Bear in the Snow

Earlier this year I shared an image from one of my newborn sessions. It was an image of a sweet baby bear lying in the snow propped up on a stack of wood. I was so proud to share this sweet nugget with everyone. I was asked several times how I managed to keep him asleep and out in the cold like that. Well, the answer is simple, I didn't. First of all, I would never take a newborn and subject them to the elements like that. It was bitterly cold!! So I used a little photoshop magic to create the look I was wanting to achieve. 

If you know me at all, you know I love to keep learning and trying new techniques to give my clients the best possible experience. During the winter and Christmas break, I invested in an online workshop where I learned to merge two images to create themed photos for sweet little newborn nuggets. I can now use everyday objects mixed with light & shadows to create magical newborn images. Take a look at the images below to see where we started and where we ended. Please leave a comment and tell me what you think! 


Baby Brody was quite content snuggled in his warm baby bear bag. Don't you just want to kiss those sweet cheeks?? 

From that to this! I already had planned this session ahead of time. I had taken this photo of the stack of wood in my back yard the last snow fall we had. I kept in mind where the light was hitting the wood and lit the baby the same way. Add a little light and photoshop magic and we have this sweet whimsical image of a baby bear. 

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Burgess Maternity Burgess Maternity Session

There is nothing much more precious than a couple preparing for the arrival of their long awaited for bundle of joy. 

Ashley and Greg contacted me back in October of last year and were going to use their Christmas Minis to announce the upcoming arrival of their new addition. We ended up having to wait till it was closer to time of delivery, however it made it so much more special getting to document this sweet nursery. Each piece has special meaning and was given or created by a special family member or friend. Those sweet touches are priceless and need to be captured and documented. There is no denying the love for this boy his parents already have. 


How adorable is this Elephant Nursery! 


(Lindsay Hodges Photography) Mon, 16 Jul 2018 20:30:00 GMT
My First Year By: Remington's Mommy I thought it would be fun to share a personal story here so I asked a dear client and friend to share her story through her son's grow with me sessions. She is so talented with her writing she brought me to tears! Walking back through this past year with her and watching sweet Remington grow and change. Thank you Chrissy for trusting me with documenting your family's story. 

Remington's First Year 

When I was pregnant, I found myself aimlessly scrolling through Pinterest and pinning the cutest baby photos I could find. Don’t we all? I dreamed about what my baby boy would look like - Whose nose would he have? What color would his hair and eyes be? The day he was born, he was the spitting image of my husband, my husband’s dad, and my husband’s grandfather; the Hinners genes run deep.  A few days after getting him home, as he lost the swollen newborn features, his features started to change. They changed so quickly, that I look back at pictures a couple of days apart and they look like two different babies!

Lindsay came to our apartment when Remington was a couple of weeks old to do newborn pictures.  She seemed to effortlessly capture his personality, even catching one of those sweet sleeping smiles. Even still, he was changing. His cheeks were still chubby and pinch worthy, his eyes were widening a bit, and his hair was growing so quickly. It was all going so quickly and I couldn’t imagine losing one more second of each fleeting phase! I reached out to Lindsay to ask if she would do his milestone pictures, and she agreed! 

Looking back, I couldn’t fathom not having these pictures. They are some of our favorite memories hanging in our home. I can look at them and remember who my little baby was at that point in time.  At his three month pictures, he was barely able to push up enough to keep his heavy head held high. He had recently found his tongue and was obsessed. Lindsay also captured our first professional picture as a family of three; it is something I will always cherish!!




Between Remy’s three and six month pictures, he developed quite the personality. He was precious and he knew it. He had the silliest smile and was still a little wobbly when sitting up. He had just found his pointer finger and, much like his tongue in his 3 month pictures, was obsessed. I remember crying quite a bit after his 6 month pictures because I couldn’t believe my sweet baby had changed so much! 




By nine months, my sweet boy had gone from being precious to being a ham. He loved being in front of the camera. I remember by these pictures that crawling had just entered his skill set and he had just found his voice. I was reminded, after looking through the 9 month pictures to pull my favorites, how much Remy had started to love daddy’s duck calls. Lindsay was so thoughtful to incorporate it into the pictures! 



And lastly, for his twelve month pictures (which I really feel like they were taken the week after his newborn pictures), I was already a teary eyed mess going into them because I was in partial denial that my baby was already a year old! He was trying so hard to walk, and would take his first steps two days later! We incorporated a cake smash session, too! Words of advice – opt out of chocolate icing! You’ll thank me! ;)



Holding each set of pictures next to the ones before both breaks my heart and makes me smile. (I don’t dare hold the one year next to the newborns unless I want to cry!) I can go back and watch him grow all over again! This has been the best investment we made in Remington’s first year! 

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Booking Fall Maternity and Newborn Sessions!!!


Ya'll.... How precious is this sweet girl!! Oh I just love those tiny little fists and those sweet cheeks! 

Nothing can prepare you for parenthood... nothing can prepare you for how life changes once that little bundle enters your life...and nothing can prepare you for how fast time flies once they arrive!! 

Other parents can tell you, "Buckle your seat belt , time is going into warp speed!!". LOL But it doesn't really sink in until that first month has gone by and you look back and see just how much they have changed. 

As a mama, I remember that swift hit to my gut the minute I realized just how quickly my baby was changing and growing. I started second guessing myself, " Did I really get to enjoy this stage? Did I document it enough?? Will this baby feel as loved as the rest??". All those crazy mama thoughts we all have LOL . 

As a fellow mama and photographer, I never want you to have that feeling or thought of -" did I enjoy every second? " or " Did I document this baby like our last?" You will not have to worry one second about those memories being preserved when you book your Milestone Grow with Me Packages. 

I will personally ensure your baby's first year is captured and documented with so much love and joy. Once your sweet baby has their final milestone session you will receive a one of a kind Album truly walking back through the first year with your little one.

What a priceless heirloom piece of artwork! This album will be looked at and cherished their entire lives. 

I can't wait to walk this adventure with you and your growing family!! 

Love , 

Lindsay oxox


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Brittany & Zane Hey Yall!! I want you to meet a very special couple!! Brittany & Zane!!!! 


I was blessed to meet Brittany via a dear friend last fall! Brittany contacted me for a fall  session with Zane and her two boys. They were so adorable and the boys seemed to even have a little fun during our fall session down at the creek. :)

Well right after Christmas I saw that they had gotten engaged!! I was ever so excited for them and hopeful to have the opportunity to capture their day. I was thrilled when Brittany contacted me inquiring about her date and packages!! Well the rest is pretty much history!!! I can not wait to document their wedding day!!! They are the sweetest and most enjoyable couple to be around. The way they love on each other and simply enjoy the others company is just beautiful to watch. Here's a look at their fun engagement shoot taken at the site of their future home!!! This one give me all the feels!! Come on June 3oth!!! 




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When Life Hands You Lemons.... When Life Hands You Lemons...

Hey y'all!! It has been a while since I have caught up on my blogging here on the website. Things this spring have been super busy and a wee bit crazy. After Christmas life just seemed to go by in warp speed. Before I knew it, Spring had come and gone, and I was looking at May!!

In May we had a fun-filled month full of family and friends. We had 4 graduations to attend and 4 individuals to celebrate huge accomplishments. I won’t go into those details now because they each deserve to have their own blog dedicated to their achievements.

Anyhow, one of those graduates was our dear daughter Cia. Cia is now officially a Kindergarten graduate and is ready for 1st grade!!! It did a number on this mama's heart for sure.

May also brought the year's first wedding celebration!! I had been looking forward to documenting Kacy and Michael's wedding day for over a year. I can’t wait to blog about their wedding, but, unfortunately, that will have to wait a little while...

After capturing their precious ceremony and snapping all the family and group shots, I had dismissed the family and wedding party to the reception. It was time for the Bride and Groom to have some time for me to capture them as husband and wife for the first time.


We were having the best time! As the sun was starting to set over the lake, we stopped to grab one more photo as we walked up the hill toward the house. After placing them and telling them to snuggle, up I snapped a few images. I stopped to double check the image to ensure it was spot on, and it absolutely was! My heart did a little dance as I was so happy with the outcome. I wanted to show them immediately!! My plan was to show them the image and move on to our next spot. As I was walking towards them, I must have slipped on a round stick or one of those sweet gum balls (the round things with spikes that fall off sweet gum trees). I fell and instantly knew I had broken my leg or ankle. I was devastated! Kacy and Michael were such amazing people and helped keep me calm and alert. They immediately dialed 911 and helped me get in touch with my husband and family. Even though I told them to go on to the reception and enjoy their night, they refused! They both stayed right with me while we waited on the ambulance to arrive. Kacy and I kept apologizing to each other back and forth. They truly are the best clients and couple! Their families were absolutely 100% wonderful to me throughout the whole day.

So, to make a long story short, I ended up with a dislocated ankle and a broken Tib/ Fib. Meaning I broke my Tibia (small fracture at ankle bone) and Fibula. The Fibula is where the larger break occurred which required surgery to fix using a plate and 8 screws.

I have to thank my husband, family, friends, and the best clients anyone could ask for as everyone has been so understanding, helpful and accommodating. My recovery will take some time, but I plan to do what I can as soon as I can. I have been blessed with friends who happen to be photogs as well, and they have been so gracious in offering a lending hand to help with those sessions I had already booked that can’t be rescheduled. The plan is to be non weight-bearing for 8 weeks. Then, hopefully, I will start physical therapy and be able to walk in a walking boot.

I wanted to share my situation and story with all of you for a few different reasons...

1) I am blessed beyond measure, and I feel it is important to give God the glory in every season of life.

2) You all are more than business clients, you are family and friends to me, and I wanted to be as transparent with you as I can.

3) My story is not my own. I am here first and foremost as a daughter of the King. God has shown himself time and again throughout this difficult time.

I am not the type of person who enjoys asking for help. I am very much the independent type, and this break has taught me so much already about who I am and who I need to be. I am learning to find the bright spots and focus on those positive things instead of the negatives. Again, I couldn’t do this alone - God has placed some pretty amazing people in my life who have already helped shape this experience so much more bearable.

If you made it this far , THANK YOU!!! Thank you for being here and walking this journey with me!! You guys really are amazing !!! I wouldn’t be able to get through this with out your friendships and support!

On a brighter note, I have a lot of time to catch up on my blogs and share some amazing people with you all!! I know this year has a lot more surprises for Lindsay Hodges Photography!!!

When life gives you lemons??? Make Lemonade!!! :)

Happy Summer!! 

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Spring Spectacular & Easter Bunny Photos Happy Easter Weekend Everyone! 

Last Saturday I was at Springfield Funeral Home's Easter egg Hunt and took photos of all the kids with the Easter bunny. Well this Saturday, March 31, 2018, I will be in East Nashville at Jackson Park Church taking photos of all the kiddos with the awesome Easter Bunny! 

Jackson Park is my home church and I absolutely love seeing the kids hunt eggs and then meet the Easter Bunny. Next to photos with Santa this is one of my favorite events of the year. The kids are sooo fun and cute to watch. It just melts my heart!! Here are a few from last years Spring Spectacular!! How stinking adorable are they ???!!!!


Some-bunny loves Easter!! 


Spring Spectacular will be Saturday from 11-2 , egg hunts start at 1pm ( they will be divide by age groups) and photos with the bunny begin immediately following the egg hunt. There will be free food, games, face painting , petting zoo, classic car show, and soooo much more!! Free Photo Downloads as well!!  Come see me this Saturday at Jackson Park Church located at 4103 Gallatin Pike, Nashville, Tennessee 37216.

If you have any questions please email or contact Jackson Park at 615-228-3445.

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Sometimes you just have to dance in the rain Anyone else tired of this crazy rain???  I seriously think we might need a boat soon! LOL 

I hope you all have been able to enjoy the pretty days we have had sprinkled in between the dreary rainy days. I am really looking forward to bright sunny and warm days. I can't wait to play outside and take walks with my kids in the warm sunshine. 

However , sometimes it is good to stop and dance in the rain. Something about the rain cleanses the soul and can renew the mind. So here's to enjoying the rain and finding the bright spot in every day. 

Here are a few photos from my sweet cousin's, Katie Carrington,  rainy wedding day! She handled it like a champ and made the best of it.There was so much love between them , they never noticed the rain! 






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Its Spring Time!!!!!! Every year I wait anxiously for two things...... Buttercups and Fall Leaves!!! LOL 

If you know me you know I typically hate change, except when it comes to the changing of the seasons. I love when the air changes, the colors around us start to morph and most of all I LOVE changing out my wardrobe !!!!! LOL Crazy right??? Hehehe. Who is with me?? Anyone else here get bored with their closet during long seasons?? LOL 

So imagine my delight when suddenly, seemingly overnight, those beautiful sunshine colored buttercups start popping up everywhere!! 

Last year I told myself that I would have to try to do Buttercup minis this year because they are just the perfect spring backdrop. They don't last long and so we only have a small window of time!! 

Once I started noticing these beautiful spring blooms I started looking at the calendar and weather forecast. I believe we will have the perfect weekend to grab a few mini sessions with the Buttercups! So on the search I have been to find the PERFECT buttercup field for yall!!!!

Great news: I found it!!! Well my bestie found it. I pass it every spring and think "WOW that is a gorgeous spot!!" I had no idea my dear friend knew the owner, actually is related to them!! LOL  It is such a small world and they have been sooo gracious to allow us use of their GORGEOUS field! Let be sure to leave it better than we found it so everyone passing by can enjoy its beauty while they last. ;) 


These minis are great for those quick Easter photos with the kiddos and cute little outfits marking the changing of the season! I will only offer these this weekend and then we will have to wait till next year, so book yours NOW!! 

Buttercup Minis

Location: Orlinda, TN 

*Directions given at booking*

$95 / 15 Minutes / 5 Digital Images Guaranteed 

My galleries are usually include a lot more :) 

Have a look at my sweet girl Cia as she modeled for yall! LOL It is a Childs paradise. Very magical and enchanting with tons of buttercups in bloom and gorgeous backdrop setting . 

Dancing Into Spring~~ 

Who else is ready to dance their way into spring????? 



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First Look with Dad???? Yay or Nay???? First look with dads- Yay or Nay??? 


Ya’ll I have to admit I am a daddy’s girl! Now my mama is my best friend , but a girl still needs her daddy. Now saying that, I didn’t technically have a “First Look” with my dad. I wished I had! It wasn’t a “thing” 10 years ago and I so wish it had been! 


This new tradition is one that I absolutely LOVE!!! I think it is tender, sweet and so thoughtful. Typically, a daddy is a girls first love. I can remember sitting on the sink watching my Daddy shave and thinking I want to marry my daddy. LOL I think most little girls feel that way because they feel safe and loved. I obviously figured out that I couldn’t marry my dad because , well he is my dad. So I found a man that was similar and loved me the way my dad taught me a man should love his wife, unconditionally. 


The father/daughter first look is so sweet because it gives respect to the place the father holds. I think I finally understand now that I have a daughter… the relationship between father and daughter is just as special and unique as the relationship between mother and son. 


Giving the daddy the opportunity to be the first one to see the bride, that he is giving away is such a precious moment. Plus we all know most men do not want to be seen being emotional. This allows both parties time to process emotions and visit freely with out an audience. Dads will have time to really take it all in and swipe a few tears should they escape. It gives you time to share your final thoughts and give any advice before the rush of things begin. The best way I can describe it is just a tender moment. 


It is totally OK if you do not want a first look!!!! Some people want the element of surprise and that is great!! There is not right or wrong way. Unfortunately some Brides don’t have there dads present , so any man that has been there for you or even your mama if that is who you are closest  to… either way you choose to go, it will be memorable and beautiful! I encourage each bride and groom to make this their day to honor their own love story and the families they have supporting them as they walk this new journey together. 


Always remember this is YOUR day and you get to make the call on how it goes!! It will be the BEST DAY EVER!!!! :) 

Here are a few of my favorite Father / Daughter First Looks:

I love this photo as Ashley was heading into the Sanctuary where her dad was waiting. The entire bridal party was trying so hard to get a glimpse of his reaction!! LOL 

Ashley's First lOok with dad Ashley's First lOok with dad Ashley's First lOok with dad Ashley's First lOok with dad Ashley's First lOok with dad Ashley's First lOok with dad Ashley's First lOok with dad  

I specifically remember getting home and uploading these images and getting so teary eyed as I found this sequence. The tender love shown here is just precious and perfect!! 


This next one really gets me too! I think I cry at every First Look with Dad!!! ( Well I get misty eyed at least) LOL 


First Look with Dad Amanda and Chris First Look with Dad Amanda and Chris First Look with Dad Amanda and Chris First Look with Dad Amanda and Chris First Look with Dad Amanda and Chris First Look with Dad Amanda and Chris First Look with Dad Amanda and Chris

Yall this one gets me every time!!! * Sniff Sniff! 

First Look with Dad Amanda and Chris First Look with Dad Amanda and Chris First Look with Dad Amanda and Chris First Look with Dad Amanda and Chris

I love how father and daughter are talking and dad is really taking in the dress and complimenting his girl!! So incredibly sweet !!!!

Well now I am going to have to go grab a tissue because this just makes my heart happy!!!! 

** Please feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts!!! ***

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Red birds and memories... One year ago, I lost my sweet Nana to bladder cancer. She was already suffering from a form of

dementia and, in some ways, we had already lost a part of her long before. In honor of her, I want to share a little bit about her, if you don't mind...


Both of my parents worked outside the home. My dad was a paramedic/firefighter with Metro Fire Department, and my mama worked for the bank before changing careers and becoming the secretary at Jackson Park Church of Christ. So my grandparents helped look after my sister and me. We spent a lot of afternoons and long summer days there. Almost all my holiday memories are wrapped into that one house with her and my Papa. You see, technically, she and my Papa were my only true living grandparents. However, God works in mysterious ways and brought my adoptive grandparents into our lives, more about them in a later post. :)


Nana – well, she is the lady who started my coffee addiction at an early age. LOL I used to sit with her outside on the back porch of a morning and we would drink our "Copee" together. I would say "Nana, tell me about you when you were little."


I loved to hear about how she grew up on Andy P. Haney Road. Nana born in 1935 during the Great Depression and grew up in rural Putnam County. Times were hard, and she was the youngest of 7 with two older brothers out of the house already. The stories she told of drawing water from the creek and walking to the little church/ schoolhouse captivated me as a child. I was eager to hear all her stories, and when we took our road trips to see family and go up the "mountain" for decoration, I thrived on seeing all the places she described especially where she fell in love with my Papa and came home to visit when they were on leave from the Navy.


Nana taught me a lot about life growing up. She was kind and compassionate to us grandkids, but we knew not to cross her. She would say " Do you want Nana to cloud up and rain??" 


All us grandkids would know what that meant, and we knew we had better straighten up, or we would find ourselves each in a corner on the timeout couch. I think back to the long summer days spent playing at their house. I learned to garden ( I stink at it now), but, man, did I enjoy playing in the dirt and pruning flowers! I believe that is partly where my deep love and devotion to agriculture began. I helped pick beans and tomatoes and then helped can them. Each year I would mark a specific jar of green beans that I had helped can, and then, on that Thanksgiving she would send me out to the utility room to find it so we would have them for Thanksgiving dinner. It taught me to take pride in my work and to share it with others.


I watched my Nana take care of her oldest brother and his wife when he wasn't able to drive anymore due to blindness and Alzheimers. Wednesday was known as shopping day after that. I watched as every Wednesday she would get up, get ready, and go out to pick them up. She would take them to all their doctors’ appointments and grocery shopping. Watching her sacrifice at least one day a week to take care of her big brother had more of an impact on me than she ever realized. She taught me to love unconditionally and that devotion to family trumps little squabbles.


Sometimes we don't get to choose who our family is or what paths our loved ones take; however, one thing I knew for sure, though, was no matter what, she was going to take care of her brother and his wife. Even when she wasn't well herself, she never quit. After my great uncle passed away, she continued to care for Aunt Dimple until her own diagnosis of Dementia stopped her.


After my Papa passed away, I remember the following winter being with her and a red bird appeared. She told me that when a red bird sits by your window, it is a heavenly visitor. I know she believed that red bird was connected to my Papa as he loved feeding and watching all his birds. So, as I watched the red birds in the snow this winter, I couldn't help but think of her and feel as if her spirit was still lingering. It was the inspiration behind this photo of my Cia and the red bird.



When this photo was taken, I didn't think much about what I was planning to do with it – I just wanted to freeze this magical moment in time. Cia LOVES the snow. It was the only thing she didn't get for Christmas that she asked for. LOL When I was a child, my Nana allowed my imagination to grow and encouraged us to play and be kids. I want that for my sweet Cecilia too. I borrowed this Red Bird from the internet and went to work creating this image. It is priceless to me. It may not be perfect or win any awards, but it tells a sentimental story for me of magical morning coffee talks, bird watching, and family. Saying goodbye to my Nana was such a huge loss for my entire family, but my little girl was so sad. This year has been hard watching her process the grief piece by piece. Not long ago she asked me if when she got to heaven she would know anyone there. I told her yes! Jesus and Nana would be there to welcome her.


Then, she asked "Will I know who she is? Will she still have white hair?"


I see my Nana in Cia in the things she does and loves. It is such a comfort to have these little moments of joy within the sadness. If anything, this process of life and loss has taught me to love deeply and make memories.


So, I urge you to create memories with your loved ones. Tell them stories and encourage your sweet ones to use their imaginations and dream. This life is too short, so we only have today to make positive impacts on those we come in contact with. Live life with love and grace and remember to watch for the Red Birds :)

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Gorgeous Newborn Art Work !!!

Have you ever seen one of those gorgeous newborn images that you know is just not real, yet takes your breath away?? 

Yep so have I!! So, this winter I have been learning a new technique for my sweet newborn clients! ( The possibilities are endless) 


Sometimes sweet babies have a hard time doing certain poses, or you really want just 1-2 posed newborn photos with more lifestyle images added in. Well now I can give you all gorgeously edited, magical newborn keepsake images. These priceless pieces of art take some time to edit and fine tune but the end result will have your family and friends in awe! 


This technique is super simple for baby and parents. This sweet little bear was snug in his wraps, on top of his favorite heating pad , deep in dream land in the comfort of my studio. We never once went outside!! Amazing right?? 


These logs are from my own backyard and was taken a few weeks back when we had all the snow! 


I LOVED getting to create this timeless treasurer for his sweet parents! 


Are you expecting a wee one in the coming months? Do you have a themed nursery you would like to incorporate? Or is it a friend or family member you have in mind? 

Give me a call or shoot me an email so that we can start creating this beautiful art pieces for your home. 

I can just see this hanging in his nursery on a canvas , what a statement piece showcasing how handsome he is!! Can you imagine having this to pass down to his family? Always being able to look back on how sweet and little he is?? 


These are what we call family heirloom pieces. :) Let me start creating for your family now!! 

2018 is filling up fast!! Book your family or newborn now! 

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Fashion in the snow Hey friends!! 

I don’t know about you but I love when it snows!!! However, two snow storms back to back with ice underneath and the cabin fever has this southern girl longing for warmer weather and routine as usual. :) 

I have enjoyed being home and slowing down a little bit after such a busy holiday season. The kids enjoyed playing and to be honest so did I ! LOL 

This unusual amount of snow fall gave me the opportunity to play around outside with my camera and a couple models! It was cold but oh so much fun! 

My dear new friend Shilpi ( Doctor , Blogger, Mama, and encourager) asked to do a mini shoot for her upcoming blog posts. She never disappoints with her fashion sense!! These are so much fun for me and we get to laugh and talk mommy-hood as well! I call that a win-win!! 

Snow Snow!! Snow Snow!! Snow Snow!! Snow Snow!!


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Hello Miss. Doosie Good afternoon!! Hope you are in out of this weather and enjoying the wintery scenes. We are all in and hanging out in our p.j.'s today and it is so nice! LOL 

I have had a few things on my mind lately, one of which is how badly I slacked off on my blog over the fall season!! It was so busy I could barely keep up! But now that we are a bit slower I would love to go back and catch you all up on some of my favorite portraits!! 


Today allow me to introduce you to sweet baby Doosie!!! Miss. Doosie was born in Oct and I had the pleasure of documenting her in her adorable nursery! Say hello to this little doll!!! 

Doosie Doosie Doosie Doosie Doosie Doosie Doosie Doosie Doosie Doosie Isn't she the most adorable?!!! I can't wait to watch her grow and change! Part of what I love most about what I do is getting to connect to families and watch them as they embark on this life journey. When a parent asks about our 'Grow with me Package' I just can't contain myself. Getting to be the person who documents the first 1- 2 years of this little life is such an honor. Whether you are interested in my packages or have another photographer please make sure you document this amazing journey because they change so fast and I do not want you to have any second thoughts about having photographs to look back on and show their first crush!! ( Because lets be honest, we want to have all the ammunition we can! LOL ) 

I am excited to say you will be seeing more of Miss. Doosie this year!! 


Have a happy Friday yall!!! 


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THANK YOU 2017!!!!! Hey there friends!!! I truly hope you all had the Merriest of Christmases. My family and I sure did!!

We narrowly escaped the dreaded stomach flu during Christmas. But, alas all the hand washing and sanitizing couldn’t save us. LOL At least we held out till after the Christmas festivities and for that I am grateful.

I realize the Blog has been pretty quiet for a while, but you all kept me busy this fall. And, I have loved every minute of it! I have loved snuggling sweet babies, chasing your toddlers all while telling funny jokes and making up silly words for all the other youngsters. You all have warmed my heart with your generous compliments and encouraging messages. You have no idea what each of you have meant to me this past year.

I have been updating the website and preparing for 2018 while home with a sick little girl and I have to tell you, it caused me to really stop and thank God. I am overwhelmed with how many faces I captured and how many events I was able to be a part of. You might think to yourself “well Lindsay, it’s us who should thank you.” And I would reply with “NO!! It is me who needs to thank you!!”


THANK YOU!!!! Thank you for allowing me to chase my dream. Thank you for trusting me to capture each stage of your sweet babies first year. Thank you for allowing us to document
each moment of your wedding day so that you can relive those sweet memories for the rest of your life. Thank you for joining me and believing in the magic of Unicorns and Santa Claus. It is because of you all and your sweet families that I will continue to drive this business forward and perfect my craft so that I can give you the best of me!!!

2017 was an amazing year... we held our first ever Unicorn sessions, I was asked to photograph my first birth (I LOVED IT!!!! What a miracle!) I was busier than ever this fall with lovely families and fun Christmas styled shoots and now I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for Lindsay Hodges Photography!!!

I am thrilled, honored and genuinely excited to see you this coming year!!! I love watching your families grow and change. I do not want to just be Lindsay the “photographer” I desire a deeper relationship with you and your family so that I can capture who you are.

One of my “resolutions” if you will for the business in 2018 is really going to be for you all... I want you all to have the full experience when you book me for a session. I don’t want the fun
to stop when the session is over. I want to begin the process of creating heirloom art work for your homes and signature books that convey the love in your home sitting on your coff ee table. Why let all these precious moments sit on a computer where you see them once a year or less?? Sharing on social media and with family and friends is so important, but what is more important is your family’s legacy. I want these to be a constant reminder to you of why you do what you do every day. Because I believe our “why” is what drives us. On those hard days when the kids aren’t cooperating or work has you down and you just want to throw in the

towel, I want you to catch a glimpse of YOUR family as you walk through your home. I want those memories, the love and laughter to be there in your home, on your desk, and in your office to remind you that it is all worth it. Because let’s be honest.... We all have those moments. Life can be so hard and demanding. It can feel as if it is sucking you dry. This year remember your why ... your loved ones, your friends, your happiest memories. I believe that God and happy thoughts are what get us through those really hard days.

Here’s to you and your families creating the most wonderful memories and experiences in 2018!!!

Happy New Year from my family to yours!!!!! 

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Hurry!!! Its NOT too late!!!!!  

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!! and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!

I really hope you are all enjoying this wonderful season of joy and magic. Things are very magical in my house these days! My six and three year old are convinced we have 3 elves watching over them ( No , it has not helped there attitudes LOL ) . They love Santa and Christmas and all the good things that come with it. We have gone to the Christmas Treee Farm and selected our family tree . It is decorated and all is well in the Hodges House Hold. 

Well all except the little detail that I am very behind on Christmas shopping! I have resorted to contacting friends with small business and asking for gift certificates! LOL Which brought me to the idea that you might just be in the same boat!! 

Do you have a mother, wife or family member who has everything they need and you are just at a loss for what to gift them this year??? 


May I make a suggestion???? 



A Gift Certificate for a family session and maybe a print credit would be the best idea ever!! That is a gift that won't lay around or get donated to good will come spring. You all know what I am talking about. Photographs and Images are priceless treasures. They are timeless and irreplaceable. Give the gift of not only beautiful images but a fun and memory making experience. 

This $300 Gift Certificate will cover the session and a $25 print credit!! I will package your gift certificate and deliver for you!! How amazing is that??? You can customize the amount as well! 

Email: with Gift Certificate in the subject line and I will get you set up!! If this is something you wish you could receive well just forward this on to whoever you are wanting to send a little hint to!! :) I promise I will take good care of you! LOL 

*Gift Certificates Valid Jan 1, 2018- Aug.2018: Can not be used in conjunction with any other offers. Not valid for Minis Sessions. 




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Only 3 Spots Left for Taste Of Christmas Styled Sessions *special giveaway time* Y'all, I am so excited to be seeing familiar faces and meeting new friends at the Taste of Christmas Styled Sessions!!!! You guys have been so sweet and encouraging in commenting on all my recent projects!! 

However, I have been so discouraged lately by the media and natural disasters that it has threatened to steal my joy... I realized that is exactly what Satan wants to do. We have to find the bright spot in all situations. God has been so good to me!! I know I am so undeserving of all of these blessings, so I have no reason to let the small things in my life get me down.

After being glued to the TV recently and seeing all those that are hurting I thought to myself... what can I do?? How can I bring joy to someone's life? 

Christmas seems to bring out the best in most people and create a spirit of giving, so I would like to give a gift. Yes, this is a small gift, but to the person/family who receives it, it is huge. 

I would like to find a family that is in desperate need of a hug and some joy - a family that has no idea how precious they are and the gift they give people around them. A family that gives to others and never asks for anything in return. A family who hasn't had the opportunity to slow down and spend time together in a while. A family who couldn't or wouldn't spend money on themselves in order to give or take care of those around them. 

If you know of a family like this, will you please email me? I would love to give this family a gift. A gift to remind them of who they are together and the love that makes them unique and one unit. 

To nominate a family please send me an email with your name, relationship to the family, and why you want this gift for them. I will also need their names and information to get in touch with them. 

I truly hope that you will help me in this search! Thank you so much!! 

Also if you would like to book one of the last spots please email : [email protected] 

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Welcome Miss Brinley

A few months ago I was asked to photograph this adorable 5 lb baby girl! She was awake the whole time but sooo sweet. Her and her big sister are two of the sweetest girls and are loads of fun. 

I had to keep this sweet girl under wraps because she was being adopted, but everything is done and she is officially Lexis little sister!! Y'all Welcome Miss Brinley!!! 

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Now Booking : A Taste Of Christmas A Taste Of Christmas


Styled Christmas Mini Sessions

October 15, 2017

Country Cove Christmas Tree Farm

Murfreesboro, TN

30 Min Sessions



What is your favorite time of year? Stop and really think about it… what brings you the most joy and happiness? 


For me it has to be Christmas time!! The sounds, smells and spirit in the air. I am a sappy person by nature and Christmas is one of those times when I am utterly defenseless to its charms. I dream of a white Christmas and start singing carols On Oct 31! ( Who am I kidding , I am listening to Christmas music right now!! ) LOL 


I had a hard time deciding what to put together this year for my annual Christmas minis. I always want to give you guys the best experience and hopefully create a fun memory for you!

So this year I have teamed up with the lovely folks at Country Cove Christmas Tree Farm! 


They are super sweet and have the same feeling about Christmas I do!! 


Mrs. Jan has put together the most adorable Christmas backdrops. There is literally something for everyone! I love the timelessness of Christmas and how it never goes out of style! 


I wanted a big ole wagon with Christmas trees and greenery on it and she has created a beautiful spot for families to gather and enjoy the scenery. 

As I prepared for my promo session I began to feel like maybe this was a little impersonal…you see at almost all of my sessions I use something sentimental to myself or my clients. Usually I have one of my family quilts with me. Such love and time was put into these quilts or blankets and bring me such peace during a session. I love connecting and sharing that love with my clients! I love telling them the story behind each piece, who made it, why they made and how I came to have it. I wanted this Christmas session to be no different because that is what Christmas is about.. right? So the blanket you see in these images belonged to my Granny Lill. I used to cuddle up with it on chilly days when we sat watching our favorite Disney movies. I know it would bring her the greatest joy knowing that she is apart of something so sweet. 

If you or your family have something like this that is sentimental you and want to include it in a photoshoot please do not hesitate to bring it and share your story with me!! 


There are 10 different set ups!! Which we found out was too much to try to do in 30 mins! So as you look through the examples you will need to choose 2-3 Backdrops/set ups and those are the ones we will focus on during your session. When you book your sessions please mention the set ups you are wanting to include. :)

You have to love these twinkle Lights!!! 

Simple Christmas Trees and Family! Simple Christmas Trees and Family! I love the simpleness with the chair and pine cones for this set up! 

Let is Snow , Let it Snow!! How Adorable???

This little Sleigh with presents and twinkle lights has my heart melting!! 

LOVE this little "Tree and Wreath Stand" So many cute photo ops! 

There are two places with Signs: " Merry Christmas" & "Believe" 


I am so excited to share this little piece of Christmas heaven with you!  Once you arrive at Country Cove you will have the opportunity to hang out in the Christmas Shop and browse the assorted Ornaments and home decor! Y'all I can't tell you how cute this place is! I am thrilled to be apart of their Christmas Season! I am actually planning to go back after Thanksgiving to pick out our Christmas Tree! They make it a fun filled experience complete with wagon rides and Hot Chocolate! So if you and your family love the real trees you will definitely want to check it out! Of course if you book a session you’ll get to see it all first hand ahead of time! ;) 


Take a look at a things from the Christmas Shop at Country Cove Christmas Tree Farm: 


Heres to having a Wonderful Christmas Time!!!! 


Email : [email protected] to book your session! 


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A taste of Christmas... I don't know about you, but I LOVE Christmas!!! I love the smell of goodies baking in the kitchen, I love preparing all the gifts and shopping with my family, I LOVE Christmas  music and most of all I love spending all that time with my family. 

Every year I look forward to all the prepping and the hustle and bustle. I believe it starts earlier each year, would you agree?? LOL So this year I have decided to host my annual Christmas Mini Sessions early!! Hopefully to take a little stress off getting everyone ready and together during the holidays. This year I am happy to announce that we will be joining up with Country Cove Christmas Tree Farm in Murfreesboro,TN to create timeless treasures of your family! 

Let's be honest... creating cute Christmas Cards and sharing them with all your family, friends and co-workers is half the fun! Make this year the best ever by having the cutest cards showing off your family!! 

Sessions will be held at Country Cove on Oct. 15th from 2-6. I have 7 - 30 min slots available and cost is $175 ! 

Go ahead and grab your spot today!! To book, just email me at [email protected] and include how many are in your family and what times you would prefer. Times start at 2pm and run every 30 mins till 6pm. I will respond with your time slot and invoice to book your space! 

I am so excited and I can't wait to see all of your smiling faces!!! 

Here's to having the Merriest Christmas!!! 

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Unique Family Photoshoots Family photography today has changed and evolved from those old studio setups at the local mall or Kmart. They are fresh and limitless, for which I am so grateful! Today I want to write a bit about some fun ways to change up the traditional family session. 


I love to get to know families in their natural elements. Another term used for this type of session is documentary style photography. It is capturing your family in a unique-to-you way whether in your home in the kitchen together, on the farm checking crops and animals, or hiking your favorite trail. These are all fun ways to showcase your family’s interests and dynamics. 


Last fall I had a fun opportunity to photograph this great family - The Hensons!

The Family That Golfs TogetherLoved getting to do a fun and unique photo session for this family at the Golf Course



They requested we take their photos on the nearby golf course. To be honest, I felt a bit out of my element but thought “Well, lets do this!! It'll be fun to do something different!” I arrived, and we loaded my equipment, assistant, myself and the family of 5 on two golf carts. I was immediately smitten with this family. They were full of laughter and trust in my ideas, so we went to exploring the golf course. 


Check out a few of my favorites…

The family that golfs together The family that golfs together




It was such a blast hanging out with this golf club swinging family. The memories that were made will be forever remembered and cherished with these photographs. What is so fun is I have been apart of more family milestones in the last year!! What a blessing!! 


So, if you have a fun family activity, think about having it documented for your family to look back on for years to come. It is definitely fun for me, the photographer!

Happy Harvest to You ALL! 

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Welcome Home Ruthanne Lawrence! Welcome Home Ruthanne!


I had been anxiously awaiting Aug 26th for weeks - ever since my friend Liz messaged me with the news they had been matched with a child in China and would be returning back to the US with their daughter on that day!! 

This was the moment they had been working towards, praying for, and counting down to for years! I shared a few tears with Liz over the course of our Facebook conversation as we made a plan for me to be there to photograph the family reunion. You see, Liz and Chris have 4 beautiful children already, and they, as a family, CHOSE to adopt little Ruthanne long before they knew her name. They have dreamed of giving a child a loving home that otherwise would not have one. 

I met Liz and Chris about 8 years ago, right after they found out they were expecting Aubrey, their first daughter. I remember going to the hospital to welcome little Aubrey into the world and holding her  while Liz looked on with such an expression of love and adoration. Watching Liz and Chris parent their children and be a sounding board for other parents had a profound effect on myself as I became a parent. I love the Lawrence Family and was truly honored to capture the whole group of family and friends welcome their new family member home at BNA! 

Welcome Home Ruthanne! Welcome Home Ruthanne! Welcome Home Ruthanne! Welcome Home Ruthanne! Welcome Home Ruthanne! Welcome Home Ruthanne! Welcome Home Ruthanne!

I have to be honest ... as I went through the photos and edited them tears pricked my eyes. The depth of emotion I felt was overwhelming .Watching the family members and friends wait to catch a glimpse of the weary travelers was so moving! The way their own precious 3 babies (Aubrey made the trip with Chris and Liz) were watching and waiting to see their mama and daddy and sisters was almost heart wrenching. They were tired, excited and nervous to welcome their new baby sister home. Getting to be the bystander in all of the emotion was a great thing because I too had tears running down my face as I watched my friend hug her sweet babies she had spent two weeks away from and then introduce them to their new sister. 

There were so many different things happening at once it was hard to really take it all in. Parents welcoming home their children and grandchildren all while meeting the newest grandbaby for the first time. There is no doubt that Ruthanne is loved and cherished by her family. She was the sweetest and cutest little toddler playing with the flowers and getting to know her siblings. Thank You guys for allowing me to share this with you! It was such a blessing! 



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Down on the Farm Farmlife Blog


Hey y’all! Its been a little while. I have had a very busy and wonderful summer. I hope you all have too! 


I wanted to share a session with you all that I had the pleasure of shooting at the beginning of the summer. I am sad I am just now getting to share it with you , but better late than never right?? 


These two cuties belong to a longtime friend , one I just couldn't do life with out. They are closer to a niece and nephew than anything else and I have loved documenting each stage of life for them. 


This was a combined session for Annalynn’s 2 year old session and Anderson’s 6 month session. They belong to the sweetest farming family and love being outside taking it all in. So naturally we made this into a lifestyle session doing what they love most! 

Fun in Mommas Room Fun in Mommas Room Fun in Mommas Room Fun in Mommas Room Fun in Mommas Room Fun in Mommas Room

This session is so sweet and precious! Capturing them getting ready and heading to Nana’s house on the farm was simply amazing! Take a look at these two sweetie pies and all the fun we had at the farm back in June!

First stop was fun in the hay field with big rolls of hay! We can't forget Duke the dog who obviously adores Annalynn lol 

Hay Roll Fun Hay Roll Fun Hay Roll Fun Hay Roll Fun Hay Roll Fun Hay Roll Fun Hay Roll Fun These kiddos did so good outside in the heat! They are so tough!!! I love this serious look Annalynn is giving her mama. LOL Miss. Sassy Pants lol 

Corn Maze fun Corn Maze fun Corn Maze fun We headed over to the corn for a quick hide and go seek game. Duke hid and we searched for Duke!! How adorable are these overalls??? Also those little pink overalls Miss. Sassy pants is wearing belonged to her mama and aunt!! How stinking precious is that!! I love that they are sentimental just like me!!! 


The rest of the afternoon we spent getting a few more sweet shots of each kiddo being their cute selves! Playing peek-a-boo around the tree and hide and seek ing the willow followed up with a splash session in the bucket! I couldn't help but admire this beautiful country we are surrounded by. All the sweet details make for a perfect summer day on the farm! 

Farm Days

Love those slobbery smiles!!  Farm Days Farm Days Farm Days Farm Days Farm Days Farm Days Farm Days Farm Days Farm Days Farm Days Farm Days


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SHHHHH! The secret to beautiful family photos.... Have you ever looked at a photo on your friends page and thought..."Man, I would love to have my family captured just like that!"


Friend I have been there! And I am here to share with you a secret.... You too can have family photos that represent your people in their own unique way. All you have to do is.... Relax and have fun!! 


Being the person who organizes the session, plans the outfits, and works so hard to create "THE photo" it can be overwhelming and stressful. Especially if you have little ones that you are trying to engage and appease, it can put everyone on edge. Here is how we overcome all that stress, remember I am a mama of two and can totally relate! 


Here is my big secret tip…Once you arrive at your location and meet your photographer, RELAX! Lol Allow the person you have hired to do their job. If you have seen their work and communicated your expectations with them, trust that they will do there very best. I promise you it will make for a great photo and a beautiful memory. Allow your light to shine as well as those of your family. 

As a photographer and a mama, I too can be super anxious wanting things to run smoothly and seamlessly all while being beautiful and loving with my children and hubby. However, too often , things go wrong right?? We can't find our youngest's shoes, my daughter has a terrible attitude and the husband wants to be anywhere else but here. So by the time we arrive at the location I am fit to be tied, my husband and I aren't speaking and the baby is crying and it is one ugly scene. And then you think to yourself,"How in the world are we going to put on smiling faces and make a wall worthy photo?" Impossible right?? Wrong!! 

Again as a photographer I can relate as well. I know that look and expression when mom and dad get out of the car. I can totally sympathize. So, as the photographer here is what I will say and do! First of all I want to calm everyone down and talk with each member of the family. Its very important that mom and dad be allowed to catch their breath for a minute before we try posing a large family shot. As we chat and I get to meet each person we discuss the flow of the session. We want this to be fun for everyone so I try to incorporate some fun with our locations. Also, bring snacks and what I call rewards (or bribes, its all the same LOL). Next, while posing the family portrait, I encourage a lot of laughter, snuggles, and jokes! This creates an atmosphere of love and joy that everyone can relax into, even a teenage who is not into family stuff. As a photographer and mama myself, I know the importance of patience, so we are patient when the toddler has a mini melt down or if you have a child with special needs we are totally going to go at their pace and comfort level. These sessions are about showcasing who you are as a family unit. Not every session is the same and for that I am thankful. It is why I love what I do. So when you think about your next family photo session , think about what it is you are looking for and really share that vision with your photographer. We, photographers, love nothing more than a genuine family session that is creative and unique to your family!

I say all of this to really say " Trust your photographer, have a relationship with them. It makes all the difference in the world for your family photos." Allowing yourself to entrust this special task to someone is hard enough, so allow them to get to know you and trust them with that information. 

What are your biggest fears/anxieties when planning family photos? What are your go to bribes/rewards? Please feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts with me :)  

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Surprise Military Homecoming I am attempting to catch up on some much needed blogging and I want to share some really amazing moments I have had the pleasure of capturing just recently.  


Today’s family is amazing in the fact that I have been friends with the mama, Monica, since we were infants. Crazy right??? We have been close our entire lives. We are sisters by heart. So you can imagine when two years ago she calls me to tell me her husband, Josh, who is in the U.S. Air Force, had received orders that he would be deployed to Turkey for 12-13 months. Josh deployed in April of 2016 and then found out that he would be overseas for 15 months. My heart breaks for these families. I cannot thank our military and their families enough for all their sacrifices. 

Fast forward to this past spring when Monica called me up and asked if I would be at the airport the day Josh came home to take photos. She was having special shirts and signs made for the kids to welcome their daddy home. Josh was set to arrive July 19, 2017.


A few weeks later Monica’s cousin, Jennifer, called me up and asked if I could keep a secret? I said “well yeah! Lol” So she tells me that Josh had contacted her and asked if she could pick him up from the Nashville Airport on July 5th…I said WHAT?!!!!! So here began several months of planning and laying the ground work for Josh to surprise his family by coming home, not only early, but one day before their sweet daughter Abigail’s birthday. My heart was so full of excitement, it became harder to listen to Monica's big plans and not say anything. I would just have to laugh to myself and watch what I said….Such a hard, yet fun secret to keep! 

Monica and the kids moved back to Nashville for the summer to spend time with family while waiting on Josh to return home. I saw her at church the Sunday before the homecoming and told her I had a great idea…I said, “Why don't we go to the park and take photos of you and the kids to send to Josh over the next few weeks as a countdown to him coming home?” She took it and ran with it! 


Well the big day came for us to go to the park and “take photos” LOL…But, as fate would have it, it was dreary and rainy. We were worried that our park day surprise might get rained out. Jennifer and I were in constant communication in case we had to make adjustments. I had a plan to get the family to the park for the big surprise and waited, not so patiently. I prayed and watched the weather radar as I gathered up my gear. 


So, the Lord answered my prayers…the rain stopped at 10am on the dot! I started my session with Monica and the kids. They were so much fun! We made fun signs telling Josh to “Hurry Home!” All the while inside I was melting because I knew in about 10 mins their wishes would come true! I started running out of props and ideas, kids were getting hungry and tired…I texted Jennifer and said hurry!! Finally, Jennifer texted back, “we have daddy and we are on our way!” The only stop she made was to get him something to eat. LOL 

Waiting on daddy! Waiting on daddy! Waiting on daddy! Waiting on daddy! Waiting on daddy! Waiting on daddy!

The one thing I was not 100% sure of was how Monica was actually going to see Josh for the first time… Josh wanted to sneak up on them. He wanted them to be surprised and wanted me to capture it all. I sort of just said. “Ok God, you’ve got this one…” In order for the surprise to work, I had to bring my kiddos. Of course, my dear daughter fell and hurt her knee. Well it could not have come at a better time as “Auntie Monica” was bent over tending to C as Josh got out of the car. The Lord planned it all so well!!  Monica was totally oblivious until I said, “Hey lets walk to the car and see if I have a Band-Aid.” 

As she turned around she sees her husband walking up the walk way…She screams and runs! As I type these words, it brings tears to my eyes…The kids looked on in disbelief and amazement. Once it sunk in, they went running into the arms of their daddy. 



If little Ayden told me once his daddy worked for the U.S. Air force he told me 5 times. That is the proudest little guy I have ever seen. It was only appropriate that we had used an old uniform shirt in the photos. Ayden put it back on to show his daddy how much he had grown! Y'all tears were pouring! 


Being part of such a beautiful surprise was truly epic. Helping reunite this family who had been so strong and missed their daddy so much was the biggest blessing. Truly, what an honor! I loved that they each got what they had dreamed of for months!! 


We all cried! We all laughed! The kids jumped up and down, Monica questioned us about how long we had lied to her LOL! It was one of the most beautiful moments I have ever witnessed.  


Welcome Home Josh! Josh, Monica, Abigail and Ayden, thank you for your service and sacrifice! 

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A Birth Story: Joe Andre This is the birth story of Joe Andre Teasley: 

About 5 months ago I ran into Lori Wells, the mother of an old high school friend, while at Red River Farms Bridal Fair. Ironically, Laurie went to school with my parents and so there was quite a bit to catch up on. Lori and Kayla, Lori’s future daughter-in-law, were there looking around and planning the future wedding of Kayla and Laurie’s son, Kelton. I had heard that Kaeli Jo, Lori’s daughter, was expecting her first child and I wanted to congratulate them. As we talked, Laurie shared that Kaeli was looking for a birth photographer as her photographer was going to be out of town close to her due date...I offered my services and well the rest is history! LOL Kaeli contacted me and we met at a local coffee shop to talk. Kaeli was so relaxed and supportive of whatever I wanted to do. She had complete faith in me! I was so stinking excited and nervous!!!!! Not only for them, but because they were willing to include me in bringing their child into this world. What an honor! I was deeply thankful for her trust and this unique opportunity! I have been dreaming of capturing such a miraculous moment for a while now...this meant more to me than she will ever know! I only hoped I could create timeless and beautiful memories of her first child entering his new world.


Well on Wednesday June 28th, I received a text from Kaeli saying she was having some contractions and that they were inconsistent but that she would keep me posted. My heart was racing with excitement and I went into full photog mode. I gave my hubby the update and prepared him for the possibility that I would be called out in the middle of the night. 


Fast forward through restless sleep and constant checking of my phone to about 2:20am when my phone went off with a text saying they were headed to the hospital!! Y'all, Kaeli was so calm…I, on the other, almost jumped straight up out of that bed. LOL I didn't know what to do next... I laid back down, trying to stay calm....I got up, brushed my teeth, laid back down....waited.... got up and put clothes on.... laid back down... I texted to check on her and see if there had been any change...I waited....and at 3:45 AM we were still waiting to see if they were going to admit her...Finally at 4:50 she tells me she is 5-6cm and being admitted and that I would now need to begin communicating with her mom...I waited till 5:30, got up, grabbed my gear and hospital survival bag ( thankful for all my photog friends and their advice!) and headed straight to the hospital. I heard from Lori at 6 am when she told me Kaeli was a 7 and receiving her epidural. What a heart rush of excitement and anxiousness for Kaeli and the whole family! 


I arrived at 6:30AM on the beautiful morning of June 29th, 2017!!NorthCrest Medical Center Labor and Delivery became my "office" for the next several hours....

NorthCrest Medical Center Labor and Delivery

When I arrived I was met by Laurie and Kayla in the coffee closet and received the full update. The rest of the day seemed to speed by as I look back. Kaeli had done a terrific job laboring through the contractions but needed some relief and rest...once her epidural was in she was able to sleep and prepare for the biggest blessing to arrive! So now we waited, laughed and rested. When we made it back into her room, she was so calm and relaxed. She was the easiest going mama to be I had ever experienced...well at least compared to what I was anticipating. LOL All the nurses were so complimentary of her and Will. Her nurse for the day was a long-time friend Caitlyn Mott Jernigan! We all knew of each other from high school and community events and it was a pleasure to work with her. Caitlyn was so reassuring and took excellent care of Kaeli and Joe Andre. 

Kaeli was able to FaceTime with her BFF, who was out of town. I believe having this opportunity was a blessing to both of them. These are those moments that are so sweet to watch unfold and be able to gift them back to the family. 

The next few hours were spent waiting on the next update....the family was all in place, just waiting on baby Joe to arrive....



This was such a sweet act of love and remembrance...This brooch was her grandmothers, Kaeli carried it with her the day she married and wanted it with her as she and Will brought their son into the world.  What an act of love and I am sure her grandmother would have been so proud! I later learned that June 29th is her grandfather’s birthday as well! He turned 91 this year, what a great birthday gift!  WAITING ON JOE ANDRE

Finally at 11:30 Am Dr. Dowell gave the nod! She said it was go time! "gather the family and let them know! Lets do this!" I loved getting to know Dr. Dowell and the nurses at Northcrest! They were fabulous! 


Here he Comes! I think watching the family and nurses was the most precious thing!! 

Baby Joe entered this world after a few good pushes and the guiding hands of Dr. Dowell. Kaeli was an absolute rock star!!! Will was the quiet rock supporting Kaeli during the delivery. Joe landed right into his mamas waiting arms while the new daddy looked on with love and amazement. Tears were shed in joy and amazement by all! The biggest thing that has stood out to me as I edited these moments was all the smiles....The true genuine excitement these nurses had for Kaeli, Will and the family. Joe entered into this world into a room full of smiles, love and excitement at around 12:16.  What a sweet blessing! 


Joe Andres Beautiful Arrival Joe Andres Beautiful Arrival Joe Andres Beautiful Arrival Joe Andres Beautiful Arrival Joe Andres Beautiful Arrival Joe Andres Beautiful Arrival Joe Andres Beautiful Arrival Joe Andres Beautiful Arrival Joe Andres Beautiful Arrival


Sharing these moments and watching this family was beyond anything I ever could have imagined. The love they all share for this tiny little human is so moving. I pray that Joe Andre knows exactly how blessed he is to have each of these people in his life, plus the many who were anxiously waiting at home and praying for him and Kaeli. 

Congratulations!!!!! Happy BIRTHday Joe Andre!!!! 


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Welcome to the World Carter West! Carter West was born the Monday after Mothers Day, so I think it is safe to say he was the perfect Mother's Day gift. 

Carter James West

I met Holly and Cody about 3 yours ago in a pretty random way. My family and I were looking to move back to the Nashville area from Hopkinsville,Ky when we saw the perfect house in the perfect location. It was 15 minutes from my husbands family and 1 mile from mine. It is in a great school zone and perfect distance from town. I believe that God places people in our lives at a particular time and place for a reason. So we went to look at this house and as we walked through we see photos of people we know. Kind of a weird feeling but we did a little digging ( searched Facebook) and found the connection. We went to high school with their sister in law. Cool huh? 

So fast forward 3 years almost on the dot and I get a message from Holly asking me about maternity and newborn photography. I was so ecstatic to be able to be apart of this milestone for their family. They were adding a little boy to complete their family of 5. 

The West Family #partyof5

So this morning I gathered up my traveling studio and went out to Cody and Holly's new home to take some newborn photos of Carter and a few family images thrown in. Carter has 2 older sisters: Brooklyn and Alli , who love their new baby brother to pieces! I believe he will be well taken care of and looked after if its left up to these two sisters. LOL 

Y'all these images just exude joy and happiness! Is it stressful to take family photos? Yes Can you plan for everything ? No Can you go into it with an open mind and joy at the reason for the celebration ? Absolutely !! This is why I love coming to your home and capturing your family in their everyday environment. It is so rewarding for the parents to be as ease and be able to have everything they need. Plus these real life moments can't be beaten by posed flat images.

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Unicorns: All things spring and Magical It is officially spring! And of course with that comes lots of fun animal sightings such as Unicorns bunnies and fun loving baby critters. This April I decided to offer my first ever Unicorn mini shoot! Here is a little back story to the Mini sessions. 

My sweet daughter , who is 5 years old loves unicorns and My Little Pony! It is an obsession at our house. My in laws own an little Pony named Little P who my girl LOVES to ride. So I decided to start playing around with how to make Little P a Unicorn for a day. 

What more would any little girl want than to dress up in her pretty dress and ride a magical unicorn! It was a huge hit with moms of little and even big girls. I truly believe there is always a little bit of magic left in us as adults, sometimes we just have to dig deeper to find it. 

April 1st dawned cold and cloudy. Not my idea of a whimsical and magical unicorn shoot, but the lord blessed us with afternoon sun and a little bit warmer temps. This was a family affair and I would not have it any other way. My little family and I went early to begin getting our “unicorns” glammed up and ready for their debut. 

Dusty , the white speckled horse was my brother in laws mare and is such a loyal soul. She is such a beauty. Little P has been the grand kids pony for as long as I can remember and holds a very special place in most of our hearts. She is spoiled to kids and loves to be led around and messed with by anyone on her level. LOL 


We sweet daughter was my inspiration so heres a few of my faves from hers. 

Cecilia and P Cecilia and P Cecilia and P

As soon as Cia was finished our first official friend came up the drive. Miss Lexi is the sweetest! She was a little nervous and a lot cold but she was a trooper! I love getting to see past clients and see how they grow and change! It makes my heart absolutely soar! 


Lexi and the Unicorn

Lexi and P the Unicorn Lexi and P the Unicorn Lexi and P the Unicorn


Probably one of the most magical sessions we had was with Elle! I noticed she was shaking as we walked up to the pony and I asked her if she was cold or excited? Her response was “ Both LOL” . She had been dreaming of meeting a Unicorn and I loved getting to share this with her. I about cried when she started talking to P and asking her for magical wishes to be granted. These are the experiences I love to give kids. I had a very vivid imagination growing up and so do my kids. What joy it is to allow them to be little and to dream! 


Elle and her Magical Unicorn


Our next friend was Hadley who was a little bit nervous but was sooo precious and loving on little P. I adored her outfit and those little boots with the lace shoe strings ! AHH! So whimsical! I LOVED IT! 


Hadley and The Unicorn 




Oh my word, these next two are so adorable! They were such sweet models and did so great with both of the Unicorns. These two sisters are stinking precious together! What a fun memory they will share! 


Gulianna and Isabella & the Unicorns 

Sisters and Unicorn P Sisters and Unicorn P Sisters and Unicorn P Sisters and Unicorn P Sisters and Unicorn P



Siblings are something so special! These next two kiddies were hilarious and super funny. Big brother and little sister, what a bond! I loved how they were so sweet out in the field. I know this mamas heart was melting ! And those freckles!!! How cute!! 


Allison and Carter



Last but not least was probably one of my favorite shoots ever: Mommy and Me with the Unicorns! 


My dear friend Alicia and her daughter drove down from Hopkinsville, Ky to have their turn with the Unicorns. Alicia had not been on a horse in almost 20 years when a car wreck hurt her back, but when your sweet girl asks you to ride a Unicorn with her what do you do but Ride! As a mom I know exactly the thoughts that were running through Alicia’s mommy brain. It was such a treat to be apart of such a spectacular evening with them! 


I can't seem to put into words the joy it brought me to play with these kiddos and their families! Sharing my love of equine along with my passion for photography was a dream come true. I pray I never lose sight of either love. I hope that each soul that came in contact with us and the Unicorns that day walked away with a wonderful memory to cherish forever. I know I did! 

Thanks for sticking with me on this extremely long post! LOL Hope you enjoyed these lovely people! 


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Introducing Remington- The Duck Hunter and His trusty cat Fenny I have been waiting to sit down and write this post. It is a bit over due and I apologize! LOL Allow me to introduce you to my good friends Jackson and Chrissy. They attend church with me and I have known them for years. They are too sweet and have a similar love story to Kurt and I. They too are “high school “ sweethearts. I love hearing them banter and the most precious thing I have seen is when Jackson is looking for her , no matter where they are, her calls out “ pretty lady!” It seriously melts my heart! 

I had the pleasure of taking some of their engagement photos and then watching them tie the knot 3 years ago. The biggest blessing was being asked to take their maternity photos in January ! It was a colder Sunday afternoon and we met at one of the local mansions in the greater Nashville area, Two Rivers Mansion. It was so beautiful and fun to see the love blossom between these two! 

Two Rivers Mansion-Waiting on RemingtonLoved shooting at Two Rivers Mansion!! Two Rivers Mansion-Waiting on RemingtonLoved shooting at Two Rivers Mansion!!

Now I get to share their sweet boy with you! Chrissy ended up having some new born photos taken at he hospital and with another photographer friend as well but was so sweet to allow me to come to their home and take a few of Mr. Remington and herself. 


I arrived on one of the first really warm days we had which was awesome ! The sun was flowing through the windows and warmed the room to a nice temperature for Remington (‘Remi’). We started out trying a few posed images after he had a nice bottle and was super sleepy. Chrissy had warned me that he had been fussy that day and had not been napping as well. He was roughly 3 weeks old before I was able to get out there to meet him. Well the bottle and warm sunshine was the trick because he slept better during the shoot than he had in two days! LOL He gave me a smile the very first shot I took of him! My heart melted into a puddle… he is too stinking precious! 

All smiles !This stinker smile for the first photo!

His big brother fenny was a huge support and was not getting far from Remi at all. He made sure I knew he belonged to him. This made for some of the best lifestyle shots I have ever taken. I Loved every second of photographing Remington in his Duck Hunting themed nursery with his mama and big brother, Fenny the cat. 

Remingtons NurseryLoved shooting in this little duck hunters nursery! What a precious place! Remingtons NurseryLoved shooting in this little duck hunters nursery! What a precious place! Remingtons NurseryLoved shooting in this little duck hunters nursery! What a precious place! Remingtons NurseryLoved shooting in this little duck hunters nursery! What a precious place! Remingtons NurseryLoved shooting in this little duck hunters nursery! What a precious place! Remingtons NurseryLoved shooting in this little duck hunters nursery! What a precious place! Remingtons NurseryLoved shooting in this little duck hunters nursery! What a precious place! Remingtons NurseryLoved shooting in this little duck hunters nursery! What a precious place!

I can not wait to watch Remi grow and change. He is so loved and cherished by so many! Prayers for many blessings little buddy! 


One last thing, if your any one you know loves this type of photography, capturing real life as it unfolds, send them my way!! Documenting your family in their natural place doing daily tasks is such a passion of mine ! There is such beauty in the everyday life that we take for granted. Simple, beautiful and natural! 

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Baby Raylynn I am not sure that I ever blogged about this precious baby girl! Too cute not to go back and share....

I met these sweet parents at a large family shoot back in October. They did a very unique shoot celebrating the families love of golf at the local golf course. It was so fun! Tracy was just starting to show and I prayed I would have the opportunity to shoot their maternity and newborn. God answers prayers! Heres a peek from their maternity shoot in 16 degree weather with snow on the ground!  Winter Maternity Winter Maternity I was thrilled when they wanted to continue our journey together and allow me to photograph their sweet baby girl. I was surprised when she arrived   a few weeks early , just 1-2 weeks after said maternity session. LOL She just couldn't wait to join this big world. Unfortunately ,I was unableble to get out to her for newborn images till she was 3 weeks old due to a death in my family and she had to revisit the hospital for a few days. 

It was such a treat when I finally made my way out to their home. However she had developed acid reflux and was in a lot of discomfort at times. She loves to be held and cuddled up with mama or daddy so some of her up close and personal photos showing her beauty off did not go quite as I had imagined but she truly rocked the rest of her newborn session. I kept telling her it was Ok to be fussy, because if my belly hurt I would be fussy too! 

Meet Miss Raylynn! 

Miss Raylynn 3 Weeks Miss Raylynn 3 Weeks

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Final Savannah or Bust Blog! It is the final chapter in my Savannah or Bust Blog edition. I am honestly sad because I have now shared everything! This trip reinvigorated my soul and got my creative juices flowing after a long winter.


The final day of our Savannah adventure was spent on Tybee Island. We woke early that Sunday morning and packed everything up and head toward the smell of salty sea air. It was a beautiful sunshiny day at the beach, still a little cool , but perfect weather.

Our first stop was the smaller lighthouse off of the bay, we actually broke a few laws unintentionally trying to get these images. We did not realize this particular beach was closed until we left. Several people saw us and did not inform us we were trespassing, so I guess it was not a big deal. LOL We laughed about it afterwards, I think that was the only law broken on our trip... Maybe... Little Lighthouse This adorable little lighthouse is off the coast and in the bay, harder to get to as it protects the inlet and only accessible by boat. Little Lighthouse This adorable little lighthouse is off the coast and in the bay, harder to get to as it protects the inlet and only accessible by boat. Little Lighthouse This adorable little lighthouse is off the coast and in the bay, harder to get to as it protects the inlet and only accessible by boat. Little Lighthouse This adorable little lighthouse is off the coast and in the bay, harder to get to as it protects the inlet and only accessible by boat. Little Lighthouse This adorable little lighthouse is off the coast and in the bay, harder to get to as it protects the inlet and only accessible by boat. After trespassing we headed to the large lighthouse and beach on the North Side of the island. We only intended to spend a few minutes at the beach...well we spent a bit longer than that. LOL We were trying new things out,  Christina taught me a few new tricks to shooting in full sun on the beach. We even shot a few photos of a family we caught walking hand in hand down the beach. We ran to catch up with them so that we could share a few images with them. They were thrilled! The mom confided that this was the first real family photo that had ever had taken. You never know what a blessing you can be to someone. Always share your talents and be a blessing to someone else. 

Christina and I then found the best rocks to climb on, and ocean water to run in! I have never had so much fun being goofy!! LOL 

North Tybee Beach

This adorable bird was just taking in the sun and waves!  North Tybee Beach Walk way to heaven!! LOL I want to go back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! North Tybee Beach North Tybee Beach This sweet mother and Son!! We ended up loosing sight of them and were unable to share this image of them :( North Tybee Beach North Tybee Beach North Tybee Beach While on the rocks all I could think about was "The Little Mermaid"! LOL #disneygirlmomprobs  North Tybee Beach North Tybee Beach North Tybee Beach North Tybee Beach North Tybee Beach My best traveling photog buddy! How sweet , talented and beautiful is she! North Tybee Beach North Tybee Beach North Tybee Beach North Tybee Beach North Tybee Beach North Tybee Beach North Tybee Beach North Tybee Beach North Tybee Beach North Tybee Beach North Tybee Beach North Tybee Beach Someone load me up and take me back PLEASE!!!!! I love the beach and the ocean waves. It is such great place to contemplate life and the journey we are walking. I wish we had more time to take it all in! There was a fantastic little Grill so we stopped to eat a bite of lunch before heading westward to Tennessee. 

I truly feel so blessed to have been able to go on this trip. It was good for my mind, body and soul! Take time for yourself to relax and recharge. Life is to short not to eat the cake, buy the shoes or take the trip. Make the effort to do something you never thought you could, it is so empowering and uplifting! Not to mention rewarding in ways you never dreamed. 

Thanks for hanging with me as I share this fun and life changing trip to Savannah, GA! Hope you all have enjoyed reading about the adventures of #twowinginitroadtrippingphotographers :) 

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Savannah Or Bust Part 3-Southern Belles Edition Hope you all are enjoying the posts about beautiful Savannah! I truly think it is one of the best Southern cities to visit. It has everything: living history, beauty, fun touristy things, great food and the beach! You can not get better than that! 

So in my first blog I think I gave the back story to our mission and shoot while in Savannah. Christina ,with Saved by Grace Photography ,had these vintage dresses and a vision. She organized and set up hair & make up with Wanda Christopher, who is a gem!! She did a beautiful job getting these girls ready with southern charm and beauty. Two of our models are students from a near by art school and the third is my good friend Lindsey! We grew up together and moved away when we were older. She lives in a near by town so this was a great way to connect. 

Christina and I did a lot of sight seeing while scouting for the perfect location. We decided on Forsyth Park in the heart of Historic Savannah. It is known for its street lined live oaks and beautiful landscaping . There are old antebellum homes surrounding the 30 acres of land that was donated in the early -mid 1800's. The park has paved walk ways, playground, and cafe as well as a fragrant garden. The large fountain in the center is widly known and a beautiful place to spend some time. There was a wedding taking place there the afternoon of our shoot so we were unable to take any photos with the gorgeous fountain. A little disappointing but in the end we loved our final location.

These girls were such troopers! The temperature decided to fall as the sun went down and it got very chilly ,very quick. It was such a fun experience to be a part of this Southern Belle Photoshoot. We really wanted to create a 'Gone with the Wind' feel and I believe we captured that. Take a look at some of my favorites! ( I will not going to apologize for the amount of photos in this Blog :) ) LOL

Southern Belles In the ParkThese 3 girls were so fun! In the background is a gorgeous B & B Inn. Southern Belles In the ParkThese 3 girls were so fun! In the background is a gorgeous B & B Inn. Southern Belles In the ParkThese 3 girls were so fun! In the background is a gorgeous B & B Inn. Southern Belles In the ParkThese 3 girls were so fun! In the background is a gorgeous B & B Inn. Southern Belles In the ParkThese 3 girls were so fun! In the background is a gorgeous B & B Inn. I had fun editing these images and trying  out different styles and techniques. It is fun to get to do a shoot that is not for a specific client. As a creative minded person it is such a refreshing opportunity to get try new things with no pressure. Christina began directing the girls to walk towards us and laugh as though they had been friends forever. We wanted to create the feel of 3 friends out on a spring afternoon, wondering through the green grass and beautiful blooms of the park. In my opinion, these  girls rocked it! Meet our models! With out them we would just have drapes of fabric. :)

Allow me to introduce my friend Lindsey! She is one fierce woman and she depicted Scarlett O' hare from Gone with the Wind so well! I love this first image for its soft magical look. The Spanish moss give such a dreamy look while the light filters through the live oak trees. My imagination runs away with me when I see this image. I imagine a rather handsome young fellow has just paid her the sweetest of compliments. I love to tell stories through images...anybody else have that same notion? Maybe it is just me...Thank you Lindsey for being such a great sport and doing this! I look forward to another impromptu meet up some time soon! 

Scarlett O'HareOur very own Scarlett O'hare and her passing through Savannah's park. Loved this blue dress and the way it brought her gorgeous eyes out! Scarlett O'HareOur very own Scarlett O'hare and her passing through Savannah's park. Loved this blue dress and the way it brought her gorgeous eyes out! Scarlett O'HareOur very own Scarlett O'hare and her passing through Savannah's park. Loved this blue dress and the way it brought her gorgeous eyes out! Scarlett O'HareOur very own Scarlett O'hare and her passing through Savannah's park. Loved this blue dress and the way it brought her gorgeous eyes out! Scarlett O'HareOur very own Scarlett O'hare and her passing through Savannah's park. Loved this blue dress and the way it brought her gorgeous eyes out! Scarlett O'HareOur very own Scarlett O'hare and her passing through Savannah's park. Loved this blue dress and the way it brought her gorgeous eyes out! Scarlett O'HareOur very own Scarlett O'hare and her passing through Savannah's park. Loved this blue dress and the way it brought her gorgeous eyes out!

Sweet Sarah! She rocked this beautiful green dress and those earrings ! Oh my word loved those! 

Sarah has such a striking presence and tells a story all her own in this blooming garden. This image below tells of a strong young woman, some one who is maybe waiting for something or someone. Sarah did a fantastic job making that dress and hoop skirt move so gracefully. 

Miss. Emily rounds out my introductions to these amazing young ladies. Emily is super sweet and brought a ton of laughter to our shoot. She also has a a striking ability to look fierce and strong.Her eyes show kindness and fun with a touch of innocence. Loved her spinning and playful attitude. 

I love how each model brought there own story telling abilities using there body language and facial features. They are not only beautiful ladies but super talented and amazing models!

The following images were taken on a side walk flanking Forsyth Park with gorgeous gardening and plants. I'd like to think of them as " The Secret Garden ". 

A walk at the GardenThe girls had such beautiful movement in these dresses and were having the best time sashaying down the walk way. A walk at the GardenThe girls had such beautiful movement in these dresses and were having the best time sashaying down the walk way. A walk at the GardenThe girls had such beautiful movement in these dresses and were having the best time sashaying down the walk way. A walk at the GardenThe girls had such beautiful movement in these dresses and were having the best time sashaying down the walk way. A walk at the GardenThe girls had such beautiful movement in these dresses and were having the best time sashaying down the walk way. A few more and then I promise I will quit! Lol Can you all tell I had so much fun? My imagination runs away and creates a story as I look through these images. 

Please feel free to leave a comment and share with me what comes to mind as you look through these images. I really have to thank all of you who have trusted me with your story and families these last few years as I have built my business. I truly believe taking the time to try new things has made me a better photographer and will help me continue to create priceless images for you. If you have a dream, go for it. If you have a vision , see it through. 

If you have an idea for a shoot for you or your family I would be honored to make it happen, to tell your story! Hope you all have a fantastic spring!! 

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Savannah or Bust Part 2 Part 2 of the fantastic Savannah road trip!! Where were we? 

Saturday of our weekend getaway, well , our host was awesome enough to take us to a local fave "The Breakfast Place" . It was delicious Waffle House style food, but better. 

After a scrumptious breakfast we made our first stop at the Historic Wormsloe Plantation, home to the famous and iconic oak lined avenue. Such a beautiful scene to take in. It is told that around 1893 400 Live Oak trees were planted in honor of a baby boy born to the very wealthy family, however it is speculated that it was done predominately to showcase their wealth. Either way I am so glad they created this magnificent view. This particular site dates back to colonial days . Noble Jones began building the tabby house in 1737 overlooking a major water route that ran past his property. The history surrounding the estate is phenomenal. The Jones descendants kept the property in the family till 1973 when the family donated 822 Acres to the Nature Conservancy, which then sold the property to Georgia. It is now a State Historic site with many walking trails and a golf cart riding tour. There is a parcel of land that was the 1828 plantation and dairy Site still occupied by descendants of Noble Jones.


Here are a few photos of my visit to the State Historic Site:  Wormsloe Historic SiteA beautiful visit to the colonial plantation Wormsloe. This is a must see for history and nature buffs! Wormsloe Historic SiteA beautiful visit to the colonial plantation Wormsloe. This is a must see for history and nature buffs! Wormsloe Historic SiteA beautiful visit to the colonial plantation Wormsloe. This is a must see for history and nature buffs! Wormsloe Historic SiteA beautiful visit to the colonial plantation Wormsloe. This is a must see for history and nature buffs! Wormsloe Historic SiteA beautiful visit to the colonial plantation Wormsloe. This is a must see for history and nature buffs! Wormsloe Historic SiteA beautiful visit to the colonial plantation Wormsloe. This is a must see for history and nature buffs! Wormsloe Historic SiteA beautiful visit to the colonial plantation Wormsloe. This is a must see for history and nature buffs! Wormsloe Historic SiteA beautiful visit to the colonial plantation Wormsloe. This is a must see for history and nature buffs! Wormsloe Historic SiteA beautiful visit to the colonial plantation Wormsloe. This is a must see for history and nature buffs! Wormsloe Historic SiteA beautiful visit to the colonial plantation Wormsloe. This is a must see for history and nature buffs! Wormsloe Historic SiteA beautiful visit to the colonial plantation Wormsloe. This is a must see for history and nature buffs! Wormsloe Historic SiteA beautiful visit to the colonial plantation Wormsloe. This is a must see for history and nature buffs! Wormsloe Historic SiteA beautiful visit to the colonial plantation Wormsloe. This is a must see for history and nature buffs! Wormsloe Historic SiteA beautiful visit to the colonial plantation Wormsloe. This is a must see for history and nature buffs! Wormsloe Historic SiteA beautiful visit to the colonial plantation Wormsloe. This is a must see for history and nature buffs! Wormsloe Historic SiteA beautiful visit to the colonial plantation Wormsloe. This is a must see for history and nature buffs! Wormsloe Historic SiteA beautiful visit to the colonial plantation Wormsloe. This is a must see for history and nature buffs! Wormsloe Historic SiteA beautiful visit to the colonial plantation Wormsloe. This is a must see for history and nature buffs! After our visit to Wormsloe we drove around scouting for the perfect location for our photo shoot. We happened upon a beautiful street that on ones side flanked the river and the other were gorgeous antebellum styled homes. Some were older and others had been rebuilt but continued with the same architecture . It was a breath taking view driving down this street. 

Savannah Old Homes overlooking riverThese beautiful homes and cottages were stunning! Loved getting to drive through and explore unique places around savannah! Savannah Old Homes overlooking riverThese beautiful homes and cottages were stunning! Loved getting to drive through and explore unique places around savannah! Savannah Old Homes overlooking riverThese beautiful homes and cottages were stunning! Loved getting to drive through and explore unique places around savannah! Savannah Old Homes overlooking riverThese beautiful homes and cottages were stunning! Loved getting to drive through and explore unique places around savannah! Savannah Old Homes overlooking riverThese beautiful homes and cottages were stunning! Loved getting to drive through and explore unique places around savannah! Savannah Old Homes overlooking riverThese beautiful homes and cottages were stunning! Loved getting to drive through and explore unique places around savannah! Savannah Old Homes overlooking riverThese beautiful homes and cottages were stunning! Loved getting to drive through and explore unique places around savannah!

Well that about does it for my Part 2 Savannah or Bust Blog Post. Up next in Part 3 Savannah or Bust Blog: Southern Belle Photo Shoot - Think Gone with the Wind~Everyone loves Scarlet O'Hara " After all tomorrow is another day " 

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Family Dinner Send off!  Home on Leave: Family Dinner



I met this loving family a bout a year and half ago. I met them under very interesting circumstances: Savannah , the granddaughter, needed senior photos done immediately. Not because she had procrastinated but because their family cabin was being sold. This was the home she went to for holidays, birthdays and just to sit on the front porch and relax with her Great Grandpa. Due to extenuating circumstances this beloved cabin , which her grandpa built was being sold. 

So I rushed out to Cooperstown and met her, her mom and grandmother for her senior shoot. It was a gorgeous fall afternoon. I could have kept exploring and taking her photos all evening. I knew then we had made a connection. 


At prom session I received another call: Savanna's prom photos. Of course they were stunning! I heard all about her plans for the summer, starting college and her brother Cooper. 


Middle to late February I got a call from Mrs. Debbie, Savanna's grandmother (mimi). Cooper was in town on leave and they were having a family meal at her house and she wanted family photos. What a wonderful way to create memories! We made the plans and on a sunny afternoon I made my way to the family dinner. 

The family...This is most of the family gathered , had to reshoot this one to add an uncle in lol

I can not put in to words what is was like to get to capture this super fun and sweet family. I was able to do some family shots and then just capture them as they spent quality time together. The kids were riding dirt bikes while the adults chatted, watched and laughed. 

The dirt bikes The dirt bikes The dirt bikes The dirt bikes The dirt bikes

Cooper had not been home in 2 years and would be flying back out to his new station in Spain the following Tuesday. To see the emotion and love this family has for him and he for them was so moving . I wont lie I had to hold back tears as his mimi fixed his plate, handed it to him, and then to see him lean down and kiss her cheek. Y'all I pray that as I raise my family up they can be as close and loving as these guys are. 

They left their Christmas tree up for Cooper... Be still my heart! They left their Christmas tree up for Cooper... Be still my heart! They left their Christmas tree up for Cooper... Be still my heart! They left their Christmas tree up for Cooper... Be still my heart! They left their Christmas tree up for Cooper... Be still my heart! They left their Christmas tree up for Cooper... Be still my heart! They left their Christmas tree up for Cooper... Be still my heart! They left their Christmas tree up for Cooper... Be still my heart! They left their Christmas tree up for Cooper... Be still my heart!

This whole family holds such a special place in my heart! Thank you guys for allowing me to spend the afternoon and eat with you all! 

The Dinner and Food Fight The Dinner and Food Fight The Dinner and Food Fight The Dinner and Food Fight The Dinner and Food Fight The Dinner and Food Fight The Dinner and Food Fight The Dinner and Food Fight

By the way, if one person told me to eat at least 5 of them did! lol And let me tell you it was delicious! There hospitality is second to none! 

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Savannah or Bust 2017 started with the idea of being fearless; living life to the fullest and start doing life instead of wishing it away. The last year has brought so many opportunities my way and I cannot begin to tell you how grateful and thankful I am. My friendship with fellow photographer and christian , Christina Swanson of Saved by Grace Photography has been a leading role in my photography journey. 


We began planning a trip to Orlando for Photoshop world in April , however that was not going to work out sadly. As we were talking throughout February we realized we both wanted to get out of dodge and recharge our batteries. Life for me had been stressful and very sad with the passing of my Nana. Christina was just the person to plan a day trip with. Well that day trip turned into an overnight trip which then morphed into a weekend trip to Savannah GA. LOL I loved how my husband just rolled with the ever evolving trip. 

 The famous Avenue at The Historic Wormsloe Plantation

The final change came when we decided to throw in a styled photo shoot while there. Christina had bought these amazing southern vintage dresses about a year ago. I remember my first visit to her studio and her telling me about a dream shoot she wanted to create with these dresses, I thought "Man that sounds fun! I'd love to join her!" So here I was getting to join in her dream vision shoot! 

She styled and found a hair and makeup artist to help us out and we found 3 beautiful models and BAM we had our shoot! 

Christia is a pro at planning these things and did all the ground work. I was just a wing man and joined forces with her. 

I never imagined I would be traveling with another talented and successful photographer who truly invested in me as first a friends and then fellow photographer. For two strong independent women we traveled amazing together and had the best time! We ate , went sight seeing , did a photos shoot and played in the ocean all in 3 days! IT was an amazing 3 days I will never forget!! 

Left out on a Thursday night (originally supposed to leave Friday morning early lol) drove half way and stopped to sleep. 

We arrived in Savannah around 1 pm Friday afternoon, just in time to unload our luggage and make it to our 2 o'clock reservations at the famous Ole Pink House.

Ole Pink HouseThis is a famous eatery in an old Victorian Mansion in Downtown Savannah. I was told about their shrimp and girts, they did not disappoint! So yummy and filled with southern charm! A must eat at in Savannah! Ole Pink HouseThis is a famous eatery in an old Victorian Mansion in Downtown Savannah. I was told about their shrimp and girts, they did not disappoint! So yummy and filled with southern charm! A must eat at in Savannah! Ole Pink HouseThis is a famous eatery in an old Victorian Mansion in Downtown Savannah. I was told about their shrimp and girts, they did not disappoint! So yummy and filled with southern charm! A must eat at in Savannah! Ole Pink HouseThis is a famous eatery in an old Victorian Mansion in Downtown Savannah. I was told about their shrimp and girts, they did not disappoint! So yummy and filled with southern charm! A must eat at in Savannah! Ole Pink HouseThis is a famous eatery in an old Victorian Mansion in Downtown Savannah. I was told about their shrimp and girts, they did not disappoint! So yummy and filled with southern charm! A must eat at in Savannah! Ole Pink HouseThis is a famous eatery in an old Victorian Mansion in Downtown Savannah. I was told about their shrimp and girts, they did not disappoint! So yummy and filled with southern charm! A must eat at in Savannah! Ole Pink HouseThis is a famous eatery in an old Victorian Mansion in Downtown Savannah. I was told about their shrimp and girts, they did not disappoint! So yummy and filled with southern charm! A must eat at in Savannah! Ole Pink HouseThis is a famous eatery in an old Victorian Mansion in Downtown Savannah. I was told about their shrimp and girts, they did not disappoint! So yummy and filled with southern charm! A must eat at in Savannah!


After filling up on the best flavored 'greens' I had ever eaten and delicious shrimp and grits we set out to do some sight seeing! 

We made our way to the Cathedral of  St. John the Baptist. It was such a sober place of worship. Very moving in regards to the presence of the Story of Jesus being told in each view of the church. The beautiful art work and architecture was magnificent. I did not carry my big camera ( which I regret) so iPhone photos will have to do. It definitely does not do it justice! During our walk we enjoyed blooming flowers and Georgia sunshine! 

The Savaanah Cathedral The Savaanah Cathedral The Savaanah Cathedral The Savaanah Cathedral


Next we made our way to River St to see all the sights, yummy smells, and do some souvenir shopping. Little did we know we would be completely overcome with love with The Savannah Bee Company! We tried all kinds of honey, flavored honey, honey with comb , honey lotion and Meade (Honey Wine)  We met a precious soul who was so helpful and encouraging with our new obsession : HONEY! An hour and a half later with a new friend in our selfie and several purchases we made our way out to the street to find nourishment again. You must stop in and give it a try when in Savannah!!! Savannah Bee Company Savannah Bee Company

We ate dinner at the Cotton Exchange Tavern where I had an amazing shrimp Po Boy! Oh my was it good! I do not have many photos if it but it had a very cool atmosphere. It is two levels and the upper level over looks the river and has the exposed brick and time period arched windows. As you enter off of the river street entrance the door way is two feet thick and seems to be original to the building. 

As we made our way to find the car ( far far away lol ) we made a pit stop at City Market. A very eclectic place with so many shops and eateries to check out. 

We found the car and made our way back to the home we were staying at, who was owned by a friend of Christinas and super awesome to house two crazy Tennessee chicks! 

You can follow our trip by looking up our hashtag #twowinginitroadtrippingphotographers


This is the first of several blog posts telling about our Savannah Adventure.... Stay tuned for the next 2 parts of the Savannah Adventure ! up next with be our Wormsloe Trip and Our Southern Belle Photoshoot!  

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Maternity and Newborn Boom! Hey y'all! heres a quick post on what I have been doing lately and why I do it!! lol Enjoy!! 

If you do not follow me on Instagram or Facebook you should hop over there and start following me now!  Facebook : @lindsayhodgesphotography

Instagram : @lindsayhodgesphoto


If you have been following me then you may have noticed the increase in maternity photos lately. I adore getting to be apart of celebrating a new life. There is something so rewarding in seeing the Daddy to be taking on this new role and loving on the mama to be. I just get all ooey- gooey inside. 

I have a confession to make... Maternity photos were not as big when I started having my babies. I have one snap shot of me and my husband about 3 weeks before we had our daughter and then with my son I have one the morning we went to the hospital. I am saddened that I didn't take the time or spend the money to have them done. Each pregnancy brought a new change for us. With our daughter it was the ending of us as a couple only. Every decision from now on effected the 3 of us. Then when our son came along it felt so bitter sweet because my sweet girl was no longer the center of our world. In some ways I remember feeling guilty that she would have to share us and wondering if she would resent us for having her brother. Of course now looking back I laugh at the notion all together because seeing them now and how much they love each ; I would not change a thing. I do wish I had one last shoot with my little girl while I was expecting my boy. She would come and talk to him and love on my big ole baby bump and tell him she loved him. I would love to have a photo like that to share with her. To show her that they were best buddies even before they met face to face.

This is my dear friend and client Ashley along with her sweet girl just weeks before they welcomed their bouncing baby boy into the world. I know from one mamas heart to another these images mean the world to her. Coming family of 4Celebrating life as we know it and the life that will be soon. Taking advantage of each journey life takes you on keeps you grounded and happy. Coming family of 4Celebrating life as we know it and the life that will be soon. Taking advantage of each journey life takes you on keeps you grounded and happy. Coming family of 4Celebrating life as we know it and the life that will be soon. Taking advantage of each journey life takes you on keeps you grounded and happy.



It is an honor and a privilege to capture this sweet moment in a couples journey together. People ask what do you do? So I tell them I am a photographer. They say " Oh you take pictures ." No, I create pieces of art for families so that as they walk through there home or browse their photos on social media there story is being told and will continue to be told for generations to come. 

To all you expectant mamas and daddies don't think twice about taking that photo! Drink in every second of this journey! 

Welcome to parenthood!!! 

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Happy New Year!!! Happy New Year!!!! I cannot believe how time flies!! It has been a while since my last blog post, so I wanted to catch up with you all! 


This last year has brought so many new experiences and opportunities to my door. Of course, with those same opportunities there are new faces and places.  As I sit and contemplate my goals for this year I cannot help but think about where I was this time last year… I started 2016 off with a excitement, big dreams and lots of fear! I was armed with an upgraded camera, a supportive family, and blind ambition. Little did I truly know what God had in store for me. 


In January, a good friend invited me to his venue, Red River Farms, for a Bridal Show with tons of vendors. I was so intimidated and so excited!! 

Stairwell "I Do"This sweet couple got married in May of 2016. A sweet moment in a narrow stairwell=Perfection

Finally March arrived, me and my side kick and 2nd shooter (my sweet and talented mama) arrived with me, and we set up. I remember seeing a fellow photographer I had been watching and admiring and wanted to meet her, so my ever supportive mother said “Well, just go introduce yourself! She is a person same as you.” So I did! And oh my goodness what a blessing this woman has been! Christina Swanson with Saved By Grace Photography has been a cheerleader, truth speaker, and all around friend. She spoke truth and gave me the push I needed to get out of my own way. A truer mentor I have yet to meet. Having a supportive family is great and important, but finding a mentor in someone who will be honest and kind and has your best interests at heart is by far one of the most precious assets you can have. Christina challenged me to view myself as a professional. She took me under her wing and introduced  me to a whole new world of photography. I just had to give a huge shout out to her today, because without her, I would not have had some of the super amazing experiences I have been blessed to have in 2016. She invited me to Vegas where I learned so much and met amazing people! She introduced me to Winnie Bruce Photography who I met at a workshop and in turn met many talented photographers. 


Appaloosa LoveWhat a dream shoot with this adorable couple! When a dream and idea come true!

I guess what I am trying to convey is that 2016 was a huge year for me personally and professionally. I never dreamed I would get to own my own business, stay at home with my babies, and spend time creating beautiful memories and keepsakes for my friends and family. I love meeting knew people, and this year I have met sooo many beautiful people. It has not been all sunshine and roses. I have had my fair share of bumps and bruises, but if I have learned anything it’s that when you take that leap of faith sometimes you hit a few ledges, sometimes you get caught on those ledges, and sometimes you have to jump again. It is all a journey - a beautiful and sometimes messy journey. Overcoming fears and anxieties can be paralyzing, but God, faith, and surrounding myself with christian people makes it so much easier. 

Me & PonyMiss. Telia was so happy to be in her pretty dress and riding a pony. What a gorgeous afternoon!


So, this year I have a few “resolutions” or goals if you will. Of course, I have the popular ”get healthy and loose weight” resolution. I truly want to accomplish that goal this year, but in order to do that I have to have another resolution: to be FEARLESS. Fearless in the fact that I have the most powerful king on my side, Jesus Christ. I want to be fearless in how I love and serve others and fearless in my business by allowing my true passions to flow from every each session I get to be a part of. I choose to be fearless as a mother and wife, allowing God to mold my heart and spirit into what he has planned for me, and fearless as a christian in that my hope is not in this world but in God and that no matter who I meet that is the one thing they know with out a shadow of a doubt, I am a christian. 


So, I challenge you to find a word or goal that will challenge you to be better in 2017! Please share your goals and resolutions with me! I love to hear your thoughts and ideas. 


Again thank you for all your support and encouragement over the last year. I am truly blessed! I hope to be able to be a part of your family’s precious moments, whether big or small, over 2017. I love each of you and cherish the relationships this business has created for me with each of you. 

Above are just a few of my favorite photos from 2016. It was so hard to just choose 3-4 to incorporate in the blog . 

Velvet Case This sweet baby fitting into his daddy guitar case was so fun and special.

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Thanksgiving Thoughts From a Photographers Vantage Point Hey y'all, it has been far too long since I have been able to catch up with y'all! It's  a week before Thanksgiving! I can not believe it! I have been so busy with family, church events, and getting photos out for Christmas Cards it has really snuck up on me. I wanted to catch y'all up on what all has been going on and I realized I have no idea where to start! So let me start by saying this.... I am so thankful for each and everyone of you!! I can not believe how God continues to put the right people in my life over and over ! I can believe it, but it never ceases to amaze me. 

 I want to take a few minutes to reflect on what I am thankful for: 

I am thankful for my hubby who has been the one to push and encourage me every step of the way these last 6-12 months.

I am thankful for my mom who instilled this creative side in me and love for photography. She is my number 1 fan and right hand woMAN! I love that we share this as mother and daughter. 

I am thankful for my sweet babies who are free models and give me great experience on how to handle cranky toddlers. I get lots of practice with them. :). 

I am thankful for the rest of my family who has supported me, let me practice on them, and been there even when I was terrible! 

I am thankful for the rights that I have as a woman to own and operate my own business. This has been one of the most daunting tasks I have ever set my mind to accomplish ( other then raising babies). 

God has blessed me with the best clients, friends, and family members. I cannot express in words what it truly means to me to get to actually live out a dream. This was not always my dream... but I am so glad I followed that small voice saying this was for me!  

I feel so honored and humbled that so many of you have shared huge milestones and sweet memories with me. I know how important it is to trust the person on the other side of that camera! It can be so intimidating feeling like everyone can see the real you. I hope that if there is a message you take away from this little blog post its that everyone is beaultiful and we all have a story to tell. 

So to all you BEAUTIFUL people- THANK YOU! Thank you for giving me the privilege to watch your story unfold through crying kids, sweet engagement kisses, and those precious newborns and Everything in between. I love when I here people tell their family members: Yep Lindsay will still be taking little Johnny's photos when he is 25! It warms my heart when I am like one of the family and my kids are invited to your kids party just because you do not want me to miss out on spending time with my family. All your kind words on facebook and Instagram have not gone unnoticed either. I cherish each other them. 


I hope and pray you & you family have a Blessed Thanksgiving ! I ask that you contemplate your list of Blessings, make sure to thank the Big man upstairs again while you are at it! :) Here are a few fall families to share with you !! 

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"Christmas in Dixie" “Christmas in Dixie”

Waiting on SantaLove these big brown eyes! She is patiently waiting and thinking about santa!!


Yesterday as I was running errands, I had the windows rolled down and wind blowing through my hair. It was fabulous! As I rounded a bend, I noticed someone had been cutting some trees in a yard, and then it hit me - Evergreen fragrance!! It was so refreshing, and before I realized it, I had a huge smile plastered over my face. Then, I really got tickled at myself because the one thing I immediately thought of was Christmas!!


I LOVE Christmas!! I love everything about it from decorating with little twinkle lights to individually wrapping all the gifts, and, of course, I love all the yummy food! Here is how serious I am about Christmas: Halloween marks the beginning of my Christmas season because Hallmark Channel begins showing Christmas Movies!!!!! So, in our house on Halloween night instead of a frightful movie, we watch ELF!! LOL! My husband loves me so much! LOL!


So, as I began contemplating Christmas in July (yes, let that sink in. Again, my husband loves me), I had been dreaming about a really fun stylized Christmas photoshoot, so I contacted our cousins Julie and James Tucker who own “Ole Blue” the 1955 Chevy Pick-up used in Miranda Lambert’s hit video “Automatic”.  When I pitched them the idea, I am pretty sure Julie squealed on the other end of the phone.

Yes I still Believe in SantaIts so fun and important as a couple to share old traditions and make new ones. A sweet Christmas photoshoot to share with friends and family is just the ticket!


My vision for this Christmas special is simple, really: a magical rustic Christmas for all types of families. I want to create a place that, for a little while, families or couples can come and relax and soak up some Christmas cheer. All your favorite Christmas music, a crackling fire, hot cocoa, and sugar cookies for you and your family to enjoy while having your memories preserved as photos. I want families to come and hang out by the fire and sing carols before and after their session. During the 30 minute session I envision a few coached/loosely posed images, but mainly, I see fun laughter-filled photos along with sweet moments gathered together singing or sipping hot cocoa or maybe the kiddos reading their favorite Christmas story. All of this is surrounding our rustic Ole Blue, Evergreen Grove or a charming little barn all decked out in Christmas decor.


If you are met with huffs and sighs when telling your family you are heading to a photoshoot, this is a great way to make it painless and even enjoyable.  In order to convey my thoughts and ideas, I gathered my kiddos and family members as my models. It was exactly what I had hoped for, and I cannot wait to share this fun and exciting day with you. Everything is provided for you – all your props and snacks are included in your session fee.


Last year my hubby took me away on a quick pre-Christmas trip to Pattie’s Inn & Settlement. It was absolutely dreamy! We were able to go for the opening Christmas weekend, and they had hung all kinds of beautiful decorations and twinkling lights everywhere – I felt like I was walking through a holiday movie or the North Pole. You may not be able to get away to a fun place for a weekend or even a full day, but treat yourself to a few minutes of relaxing and enjoyable Christmas cheer. There are still a few spots available, so if you are interested, please email: [email protected].

DATE : November 12, 2016

LOCATION: Private Residence

belonging to Julie & James Tucker in

 Mount Juliet,TN

TIMES: Appointments Begin at 10:30

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That Magical First Look {Sarah + Jim} You plan the day, book the venue, and choose your photographer, florist, and caterer. Now to those tiny details that make everything so special. You start to outline your day with your photographer and the question arises. Do you do a first look before ceremony, or do you go traditional and not see each other at all until the walk down the aisle? Every couple is different, and each moment is perfect no matter what.


I want to introduce you to a fun and equally amazing couple, Sarah + Jim. They decided to tie the knot in Downtown Nashville, TN at a venue called EVENTS ON 3rd, a really cool music venue on Historic Printer's Alley. It was an extremely romantic and glamorous location – perfect for this bride and groom.

Sarah and Jim decided on a private first look. This is one of my favorites because the suspense and emotions are super high. I discussed with the bride and groom what they envisioned for this moment. The only stipulation was that the room had to be cleared; nobody but bride, groom, and photographers present. So, I went on the hunt to find the perfect spot in this 4 story venue.


I landed on the bar area with one wall covered in mirrors. This was a spectacular backdrop for the extra light and perspective it offered. It definitely added to the drama of the moment. We placed Jim on a lone barstool, and Sarah entered the room from behind him. Her excitement to see her soon-to-be-husband was undeniable. As she glided up to her love and touched his shoulder, the smiles they shared were priceless. These are moments that literally take your breath away and bring tears to your eyes. Thank you, Sarah and Jim for allowing us to be witness to your magical first look. It was beautiful!  

Magical First LookThe perfect way to capture all the love and emotion is to have a private first look with only bride and groom. Allow them to take the moment in and be still in the busy day. This may be the only alone time they have during their big day and is a prime opportunity capture these magical moments unnoticed. Magical First LookThe perfect way to capture all the love and emotion is to have a private first look with only bride and groom. Allow them to take the moment in and be still in the busy day. This may be the only alone time they have during their big day and is a prime opportunity capture these magical moments unnoticed. Magical First LookThe perfect way to capture all the love and emotion is to have a private first look with only bride and groom. Allow them to take the moment in and be still in the busy day. This may be the only alone time they have during their big day and is a prime opportunity capture these magical moments unnoticed.

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Post Wedding Bridal Shoot


A post wedding bridal shoot? I had never heard of such a thing...but that doesn't mean anything, right?


I first met Megan at a bridal fair at Red River Farms near Springfield, TN. She had already booked her photographer for her wedding, but I encouraged her to enter into the free session giveaway I had going that day. Well, I pulled her name from the hat a few days later, and I am eternally grateful to have met her and her then fiancé Reid.


I asked if she wanted a Bridal Shoot, but she said she would rather do spring engagements as she had only done fall themed engagement photos.


It was a gorgeous April afternoon when I went to meet Megan & Reid on his grandfather's farm in Greenbrier, TN. We choose to shoot at golden hour and man did God show out! I remember thinking "I am dreaming! This couple is amazing!" It was quite obvious how in love this couple was. They had love radiating from every pore! I could not wait to get home to look through the images taken that evening, and I was not disappointed. They turned out beautiful. There was no denying these two were a perfect match!  Image I was not able to be at Megan and Reid’s wedding, but I did send her a text that day and stalked Facebook waiting to get a glimpse of the Bride and Groom! Lol

I talked with Megan after the wedding – she was a glowing bride of course! To be perfectly honest, I was a bit sad I had not met Megan sooner. She and Reid had made an impact on me, and it was evident what was valuable to them.


I received a text from Megan in late July asking if I would be interested in doing some bridal shots for her. You would not believe the happy dance I did – I was so stinking excited!! You see, Megan is one of those girls who is gorgeous, and she doesn't know it. Her truly natural beauty radiates from the inside out.


It came time for the shoot, and we again decided on late afternoon hoping to take advantage of the setting sun’s glow. I asked my assistant (aka mama) to tag along with me as extra eyes, hands and brain. My mama graciously came and helped with her great ideas and witty one-liners. We arrived at Megan's childhood home and met her fabulous mama and a few furry friends. I loved everything about this shoot: the light, her dress, the location. It was all so perfect. For me as the photographer, getting invited into a client’s home and meeting the family is such an honor. At one point, I was reviewing an image on the back of my camera, and cold chills ran all over me. It was a stunning image. I immediately turned to show her mama, who teared up. That was the biggest compliment I could receive especially considering her daughter had already walked down the aisle and been married for 6-8 weeks. I truly believe that being a photographer is my calling and passion! To be able to evoke such raw emotions is magical for me, and I pray that the moments I capture with my camera live on in their homes and hearts for years to come. These are happy times that you will need and want to remember.  I tell my couples, "You will need these images to remind you of the love you share, because there will be hard days ahead. There will be great times ahead too, but hold on to these memories so that you can stay grounded in your love for each other."


So, my whole idea behind this blog post is really just to say “wear the dress, eat the cake and take the picture!” Preserve these moments that mean the world to you. Most of us plan our wedding days our whole lives! We dream, search Pinterest, and read magazines trying to create the most magical day. We want our wedding to be a statement of our love story and commitment to each other. So we then search for the perfect dress, venue, and cake. Choose the right photographer to document your perfect day, and it is my mission to be that photographer for you.


I asked Megan how it felt to wear her dress again, and she just beamed a huge smile and said "It's a touch tighter this time, but I love it!!" And she was every bit as beautiful as the day she walked down the aisle. We had so much fun playing dress-up in her parents’ field and on the family's tire swing. Thank you, Megan, for an enchanting evening! 

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Operation Monte Carlo {Lisa's Big Surprise} About a year ago I reconnected with some long lost family! It was a grand reunion for us. I have learned so much more about our family history and made new friends along the way. I feel incredibly blessed. One of those family members I was blessed to finally meet was a cousin , Julie Tucker and her husband James. From the first moment I met them, there was no doubt they were special. Introduction #2 another cousin, Lisa Lamont. Lisa and Julie are closer than cousins, it seems to be more like a sister relationship. Around this time Lisa's mom, my Aunt Claradean, was in the hospital and was not doing well at all. It has been just over a year since she went to be with the lord now. During this extremely hard time Lisa had to sell one of her prized possessions : the Monte Carlo. She sold it to James thinking he was fixing it up to re sale later. Little did she know that family, fiends and complete strangers wanted to bless her. They were fixing the car up for her.

Fast forward almost 9 months to May 1, 2016. It was the big reveal day. Julie had create a closed facebook page called "operation monte carlo" where she had posted pictures and updates through the entire process. Countless hours and people pitched in to make this a reality. I was honored when Julie asked me to be there to take pictures for the big day. News channel 5 even came out to do a story on Lisa and her Monte Carlo. The real star of this story is God, he orchestrated all of these people in the right time and place. Julie and James wanted to show the world that it is truly better to give than receive! Lisa and her Monte Carlo Lisa and her Monte Carlo

On the day of the reveal there were a lot of tears shed. Lisa was speechless ! I told her I would love to do a shoot with her and her baby ( the Monte Carlo) after it had all sunk in. We finally arranged that shoot for labor day weekend at our other cousins birthday party. These photos are even more special because Lisa is wearing her mother's dress from the 1950's. It was amazing to be gathered there together with so many familiar faces, as most all of them had helped with the OMC project. Here are a few of her glamor shots with the Monte Carlo! 

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Workshop with Winnie Bruce Photography in Adams,TN  

This sweet family came and allowed 10 photographers practice on them and were rock stars! A huge thank you to these 3, not to mention how adorable is this little guy!! He was such a flirt! LOL Adams, TN made a beautiful backdrop with soybean fields and a summer storm blowing in.

This past Saturday I was able to attend a workshop hosted by my friend Christina who owns and operates Saved By Grace Photography. She has been extremely helpful and gracious in starting my photography business. She was a super host and I am very grateful for her encouragement and openness. So thank you Christina for organizing and hosting. Winnie Bruce is a photographer from Crofton, MD and graciously took on 9 photographers in Tennessee to teach and mentor. Please go check her out on facebook and her website. She was so giving, open and honest which can be hard to find in the photography world. 

This sweet family agreed to be our family models for the evening and braved wind and a little rain, but man was it worth it! 

I can not begin to list all that she taught me, but I will say that she changed the way I view my business and technique. Winnie is a dear soul and definitely made us laugh and think. Her style of edits are darker film edit as opposed to clean edits.  If you do not keep learning and trying new things you quit living, so I thought I'd try my hand at the film edit and here is what I came up with!

I hope you enjoy keeping up with my journey as much as I enjoy sharing it with you! I feel so blessed to be walking this path. I do not know everything about photography that is for sure, but I will keep moving forward enjoying every person and situation God places in my path.

Keep watch for the next blog post with the radiant maternity model for the day! 

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Easter 2016  

Wow! I cannot believe Easter has come and gone. As a Christian Easter means so much more to me than bunnies, candy, and eggs – it is the day our Lord and Savior rose from the dead and proved beyond a doubt that he is the one true King! As I sat in church Sunday morning, I watched my sweet daughter singing along with us. What a blessing it is to know that HE died so that my family and I could live!

We were asked in our bible class a few questions: 1) How do you experience Easter? A) Are you a fact based person and theologist? or B) Is Easter more of an emotional experience for you? 2) What word is first in your mind when you think about Easter?

My answers:

1) I experience Easter emotionally...It is personal for me when I know He gave His life for me; He gave his life for my husband and children! My thought process goes on to thinking about my relationship with Him and the way I show His love to others. Easter is a time of reminder and renewal for me, personally. I think the spring-time feel and blossoming trees and flowers represent a new day, and that was what the resurrection fulfilled – the promise of a new day in Christ.

2) The one word that comes to my mind on Easter is GRACE, Amazing Grace! I am not worthy of His love or salvation, but because God saw fit to give His son in perfect sacrifice, I can have eternal life. His love and devotion is more powerful than any person on earth. I am grateful for a loving family who also believes and knows Gods love, and my prayer now is that my children and others around me see Him in me. 

If you’re still with me, thanks for reading that! I felt led to share my thoughts on Easter and to share my faith. Now, just because I am a Christian doesn't mean we don't do Easter egg hunts and fun stuff! Last Saturday my family and I spent the day at our church’s Spring Spectacular! We had carnival games, inflatables for jumping, face painting, a petting zoo, Metro Public Library putting on a puppet show, lots of food, and, of course, a large egg hunt!! It was a full day to say the least. We had a wonderful turnout from the community which was such a blessing!! I had the privilege of taking Easter bunny photos as well. I love getting to experience all the different emotions and reactions to the Easter bunny. It is truly a joy!! Here are a few snap shots from our Spring Spectacular! 

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Red River Farms Bridal Show On Saturday I will be setting up a booth at my first ever Bridal Show as a vendor!!! I cannot believe that it is actually happening! How did this Ag. degree, stay-at-home mama make it this far in the photography world?? I have no idea, but God has given me a great opportunity with a ton of support, so I am going for it!! My partner in crime Hope (aka my mama) has been by my side through this whole process. If it were not for her, I could not have come this far! Well, enough about my insecurities!! LoL

I cannot wait to meet all the Brides-to-be and their family & friends! Saturday is sure to be a blast. Spring time seems to be the "love" season. Birds are chirping, the sun is shining, it’s beautifully warm, and everyone gets twitterpated. At least that is what Mr. Owl called it on Bambi – gotta love Disney romance!

So, I have been gearing up to show off my best work at the Bridal Fair, and I absolutely love walking down memory lane. I cannot convey how wonderful it feels to look back on all the lives I have had the blessing to be a part of. Many of my clients are or have become close friends, and I feel so honored to be a part of life's biggest moments. One such client is my sister! She asked me 2 years ago if I would do her engagement photos. I was flattered! She also asked if I could create a video of their session. She had seen it done before, so I, of course, said "Sure, I’ll try anything!" So, we set it up and had an amazing photoshoot! The weather was perfect, and the sun gave us a terrific glow that evening. I got home and was enamored with her pictures. The love radiating between the two of them was undeniable. As fate would have it, I ran across my first feeble attempt at her video and decided to give it another shot. I teared up just watching them together again! I am so thankful God brought the perfect match to my sister! They will be celebrating their 2nd wedding anniversary this coming May!

Britt & Jared, I love you guys and the wonderful example y’all set for a Godly marriage to everyone you come in contact with!


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