Monica's Bridal Session and Unexpected Gift

December 05, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Its been a busy season. Fall has flashed by me and my head has just been spinning. LOL Life is good and I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful and supportive family as well as clients. 

I want to introduce you to my sweet bride, Monica. She has the biggest heart and is sooooo kind!! She was so laid back and go with the flow! We had scheduled her bridal session for the end of October. It appeared to be a beautiful day and then just as I was to arrive at our locations it began raining.I was so sad!! I offered to reschedule but Monica was dressed and was ready to go through with our session. She was a trooper!! We made the best of the situation and I believe we were rewarded for it. Ridge Top Park had gorgeous colors and lots of shelter from the rain.:) 

I believe angels are everywhere and that God is always showing himself in unexcited ways and places. 

As we walked through the park taking her bridal portraits a gentleman approached and complimented Monica and said “ If I had known you would be here I would have brought you a gift! Congratulations!!” We laughed and thanked him. He went on walking his dog and we were so moved at how sweet he was. 


We were about to finish up our session as it was getting cold and wet, we couldn’t have our bride gettin wet or sick before her big day! We looked up and here comes the same gentleman with his sweet pup. He walked up and handed Monica something and said he knows weddings are expensive and he wishes her and her groom the best!! He had  walked back to us after going to his car and gave Monica a gift after all. It was the sweetest most generous thing I have ever witnessed. We were in tears as he walked away. It goes to show you that being kind can be the best investment you can make. What was even sweeter was he reminded her of her late grandfather and said that just made him feel so close. You never know how you can change someone else’s day or life. I know I will not forget that moment for a long time!! 


Monica you were a beautiful bride and I feel so honored to have been apart fo your wedding day and this new chapter for you! 


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