Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

October 17, 2019  •  Leave a Comment


I look forward to Santa minis every year!!!! The magic, the smiles, the tears... its all so fun and memorable. I especially love hearing what these sweet babies want for Christmas. Sometimes it is a cool action figure, or a new baby doll, but sometimes it is a cure for diabetes or for daddy to make it home for Christmas. When these kiddos talk to Santa the share their deepest desires and sometimes it breaks your heart and sometimes it makes you laugh. Santa and I have shared a few tears from time to time over what these precious souls share. This is what I love most about offering these sessions. You get time for your kiddos to warm up and chat with the big man, instead of being herded through a line at the mall with hundreds or people watching and waiting on you. 

So I am so excited to share that I am partnering up with our fabulous new coffee shop here in White House for an afternoon of Santa Minis!!! 672Brew has been gracious enough to rent out a space, for us to set up and visit with good ole Saint Nick himself! We will be setting up from 1-4 and scheduling  20 min visits with Santa this way each child has a turn and can warm up to him. Cost is $99 you will receive  5 complimentary digital images. Options to purchase more later. These images will be magical keepsakes for years to come. More about the set up will come later!! So come out and grab a cup of Joe at 672 and  bring those sweet ones to have a good ole visit with Saint Nick. Can't wait to see you November 16, 2019!!!! 

"He's making a list and checking it twice!!"


PS: To book you can leave a comment, email, or message me via facebook to reserve your spot. Spots are limited so book now. Payment due in full at time of booking. 



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