The Davis Family

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The Davis Family 


Hey yall!! Please meet The Davis Family!!!! 


A few of you who follow me on Facebook may remember a contest I held a few months ago.  I asked all the followers to post a photo of their littles ones in the comments and the photo with the most likes after a few days won. Well Miss. Lilly won be leaps and bounds!!! It was a fun contest seeing mama and grandmas share their most treasured images of their little ones. 


It was fun rewarding Lily’s mama, Hannah, with a free spring mini session valued at $150. After talking with Hannah she decided to upgrade to a full family session for her family of 3. We discussed various location options but finally decided on a local farm owned by a family friend. 


I absolutely loved this farm. Everything about it is so gorgeous. The windmill, cabin, and victorian home that sits snuggled in between barns and trees create the most beautiful backdrop all bordered by a trickling creek. Everywhere I turned I wanted to snap a photo! 


We set off first to the field with the windmill , because everyone loves a tall windmill as a big beautiful backdrop. And what about this gorgeous tree!!! 


Next we headed back toward the creek however there was not a easy place to get down to it so we opted for the bridge instead and I am so thankful we did! I love these!! 

Finally we investigated the barn down in the field that had wild flowers blooming all around! How gorgeous are these?? 



I am so grateful I had the opportunity to work with the Davis family. They are so kind and accommodating !! Special thanks to the Green family for the use of their beautiful property. 



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