Its Spring Time!!!!!!

February 28, 2018  •  1 Comment

Every year I wait anxiously for two things...... Buttercups and Fall Leaves!!! LOL 

If you know me you know I typically hate change, except when it comes to the changing of the seasons. I love when the air changes, the colors around us start to morph and most of all I LOVE changing out my wardrobe !!!!! LOL Crazy right??? Hehehe. Who is with me?? Anyone else here get bored with their closet during long seasons?? LOL 

So imagine my delight when suddenly, seemingly overnight, those beautiful sunshine colored buttercups start popping up everywhere!! 

Last year I told myself that I would have to try to do Buttercup minis this year because they are just the perfect spring backdrop. They don't last long and so we only have a small window of time!! 

Once I started noticing these beautiful spring blooms I started looking at the calendar and weather forecast. I believe we will have the perfect weekend to grab a few mini sessions with the Buttercups! So on the search I have been to find the PERFECT buttercup field for yall!!!!

Great news: I found it!!! Well my bestie found it. I pass it every spring and think "WOW that is a gorgeous spot!!" I had no idea my dear friend knew the owner, actually is related to them!! LOL  It is such a small world and they have been sooo gracious to allow us use of their GORGEOUS field! Let be sure to leave it better than we found it so everyone passing by can enjoy its beauty while they last. ;) 


These minis are great for those quick Easter photos with the kiddos and cute little outfits marking the changing of the season! I will only offer these this weekend and then we will have to wait till next year, so book yours NOW!! 

Buttercup Minis

Location: Orlinda, TN 

*Directions given at booking*

$95 / 15 Minutes / 5 Digital Images Guaranteed 

My galleries are usually include a lot more :) 

Have a look at my sweet girl Cia as she modeled for yall! LOL It is a Childs paradise. Very magical and enchanting with tons of buttercups in bloom and gorgeous backdrop setting . 

Dancing Into Spring~~ 

Who else is ready to dance their way into spring????? 




Glenda Case(non-registered)
At Mousetail past the campsites is a beautiful wild field that is crazy beautiful in the spring. There is a gazebo beyond it and you can sit and watch the fawns play. Absolutely beautiful. Camp and click!
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