Welcome Home Ruthanne Lawrence!

September 05, 2017  •  1 Comment

Welcome Home Ruthanne!


I had been anxiously awaiting Aug 26th for weeks - ever since my friend Liz messaged me with the news they had been matched with a child in China and would be returning back to the US with their daughter on that day!! 

This was the moment they had been working towards, praying for, and counting down to for years! I shared a few tears with Liz over the course of our Facebook conversation as we made a plan for me to be there to photograph the family reunion. You see, Liz and Chris have 4 beautiful children already, and they, as a family, CHOSE to adopt little Ruthanne long before they knew her name. They have dreamed of giving a child a loving home that otherwise would not have one. 

I met Liz and Chris about 8 years ago, right after they found out they were expecting Aubrey, their first daughter. I remember going to the hospital to welcome little Aubrey into the world and holding her  while Liz looked on with such an expression of love and adoration. Watching Liz and Chris parent their children and be a sounding board for other parents had a profound effect on myself as I became a parent. I love the Lawrence Family and was truly honored to capture the whole group of family and friends welcome their new family member home at BNA! 

Welcome Home Ruthanne! Welcome Home Ruthanne! Welcome Home Ruthanne! Welcome Home Ruthanne! Welcome Home Ruthanne! Welcome Home Ruthanne! Welcome Home Ruthanne!

I have to be honest ... as I went through the photos and edited them tears pricked my eyes. The depth of emotion I felt was overwhelming .Watching the family members and friends wait to catch a glimpse of the weary travelers was so moving! The way their own precious 3 babies (Aubrey made the trip with Chris and Liz) were watching and waiting to see their mama and daddy and sisters was almost heart wrenching. They were tired, excited and nervous to welcome their new baby sister home. Getting to be the bystander in all of the emotion was a great thing because I too had tears running down my face as I watched my friend hug her sweet babies she had spent two weeks away from and then introduce them to their new sister. 

There were so many different things happening at once it was hard to really take it all in. Parents welcoming home their children and grandchildren all while meeting the newest grandbaby for the first time. There is no doubt that Ruthanne is loved and cherished by her family. She was the sweetest and cutest little toddler playing with the flowers and getting to know her siblings. Thank You guys for allowing me to share this with you! It was such a blessing! 




Liz Lawrence(non-registered)
We can't thank you enough Lindsay! It means so much to have these to look back on. I still cry every time I look at them! Such an emotional day for so many reasons! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Love you girl!
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