SHHHHH! The secret to beautiful family photos....

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Have you ever looked at a photo on your friends page and thought..."Man, I would love to have my family captured just like that!"


Friend I have been there! And I am here to share with you a secret.... You too can have family photos that represent your people in their own unique way. All you have to do is.... Relax and have fun!! 


Being the person who organizes the session, plans the outfits, and works so hard to create "THE photo" it can be overwhelming and stressful. Especially if you have little ones that you are trying to engage and appease, it can put everyone on edge. Here is how we overcome all that stress, remember I am a mama of two and can totally relate! 


Here is my big secret tip…Once you arrive at your location and meet your photographer, RELAX! Lol Allow the person you have hired to do their job. If you have seen their work and communicated your expectations with them, trust that they will do there very best. I promise you it will make for a great photo and a beautiful memory. Allow your light to shine as well as those of your family. 

As a photographer and a mama, I too can be super anxious wanting things to run smoothly and seamlessly all while being beautiful and loving with my children and hubby. However, too often , things go wrong right?? We can't find our youngest's shoes, my daughter has a terrible attitude and the husband wants to be anywhere else but here. So by the time we arrive at the location I am fit to be tied, my husband and I aren't speaking and the baby is crying and it is one ugly scene. And then you think to yourself,"How in the world are we going to put on smiling faces and make a wall worthy photo?" Impossible right?? Wrong!! 

Again as a photographer I can relate as well. I know that look and expression when mom and dad get out of the car. I can totally sympathize. So, as the photographer here is what I will say and do! First of all I want to calm everyone down and talk with each member of the family. Its very important that mom and dad be allowed to catch their breath for a minute before we try posing a large family shot. As we chat and I get to meet each person we discuss the flow of the session. We want this to be fun for everyone so I try to incorporate some fun with our locations. Also, bring snacks and what I call rewards (or bribes, its all the same LOL). Next, while posing the family portrait, I encourage a lot of laughter, snuggles, and jokes! This creates an atmosphere of love and joy that everyone can relax into, even a teenage who is not into family stuff. As a photographer and mama myself, I know the importance of patience, so we are patient when the toddler has a mini melt down or if you have a child with special needs we are totally going to go at their pace and comfort level. These sessions are about showcasing who you are as a family unit. Not every session is the same and for that I am thankful. It is why I love what I do. So when you think about your next family photo session , think about what it is you are looking for and really share that vision with your photographer. We, photographers, love nothing more than a genuine family session that is creative and unique to your family!

I say all of this to really say " Trust your photographer, have a relationship with them. It makes all the difference in the world for your family photos." Allowing yourself to entrust this special task to someone is hard enough, so allow them to get to know you and trust them with that information. 

What are your biggest fears/anxieties when planning family photos? What are your go to bribes/rewards? Please feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts with me :)  


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